Mother’s Day Dinner

Dining at 57th floor, window table gave us the view of KL city centre.

Marini’s on 57, an Italian retaurant and lounge comes with excellent dining experience. Located at Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas, Kuala Lumpur City Centre. 

I like it that my table was kept clean at all times. The waiter kept “sweeping” away crumbs when necessary. He was attentive,  informative and most helpful in explaining the menu. 

Relaxed ambiance of the restaurant makes it suitable for for couples and friends. However, rather dim for older folks and young children. 

Food wise….We ordered our entree, main and dessert. Besides sparkling water, I had a glass of wine to go with my food. Food presentation was good. Taste average – representing my personal opinion. 

Added points – they are so generous with “gifts”, while waiting for entree to be served, while waiting for dessert, complimentary Mother’s Day dessert, while waiting for the bill and finally something to take home for brekkie tomorrow.

They know how to make lasting impression. Service is top notch. I like it more for the service than the food. 

If you are looking for special dining experience, drop in to Marini’s 57. Do make reservation first before going. Not sure if they will entertain walk-in patrons. Call to find out. 

Cheers and Happy Mothers’s Day to all moms. 

~ Alice N.


Happy Mother’s Day! 

  To all mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s Day to you. Specially dedicated to my Mom, Godmom, sisters-in-law, relatives and friends. 

  This was sent by my son first thing in the morning on my Facebook timeline, knowing I love fast cars but with quiet engines. Don’t think I fancy  “announcing” my arrivals as I prefer to arrive quietly…he knows me so well! Love you, son. Also to my sweet daughter for her heart-warming Mother’s Day message. Not forgetting my darling hubby for being supportive of my causes and much more. That means a lot to me. We make one great team! I feel so blessed…

I didn’t know anything about being mothers before I became one. As teenagers, almost all of us found our moms to be naggy, the one who always stood in between us and what we wanted. Their favorite word, (amazing how all mothers were alike in this) was “NO!”. Most of the time our favourite things got confiscated. We believed that moms have another pair of eyes behind their heads; and that they put us under secret surveillance because they knew things even though they weren’t there! These are from a teenager’s point of view, at least in my mind when I was a teenager.

When I first became a mom, with the arrival of my firstborn some 17.5 years ago, I learned what it actually meant to carry the title “MOM”. Boy, if you take it lightly, you’re going to feel the weight of unspoken fear and self-doubts when something knocks you off your feet and fall into a bottomless pit. You’ll know what “Helpless” and “Hopeless” really really mean. If you think life is tough, try being a MOM. I guess MOMs are the ones who say prayers the most, not for themselves but for the well-being of their children, especially.  How true the statement goes. I didn’t know what I could do and how much I had to deal with until I stepped into the shoes of being a mother. No parenting or motherhood books could prepare you for the role. There is not one operation manual or standard operating procedure (SOP) guide book or advice from good meaning fellow mothers that could make you fully prepared to face the days of motherhood. It is a hands-on experienced only.

There may be some similarities but each baby or child is unique in his/her own way. Having my two beautiful children testified and endorsed that. Both children have some similar habits and behavior but that do not mean one method works for both. There are many trials and errors…after almost 18 years, I am still on this learning journey. It’s a long haul, lifelong commitment. There is no particular way and certainly not enough time to perfect being a mother because the landscape keeps changing as the children grow older. 

I thought as they grow, I would become closer to being an expert in motherhood but was I wrong! I’m still learning like an intern in each phase of motherhood. Now both are at teen age. I found that boy teenager and girl teenager are different in many ways. Cross referencing doesn’t quite work. It is like a totally new chapter altogether, not even a sub-topic! Life is filled with surprises, isn’t it? I guess that is the secret of looking younger than your age (LOL!)

Having said that, amidst the challenges, I am also blessed to go through life seeing my babies grow up. They have enriched my life, makes me grow as well. Besides being responsible for myself and my wonderful husband, I have to be mindful too for the sake of my children. How I act, speak and do things will reflect on them. Children see and model us one way or another, if not now, later in age. Don’t forget that. 

So, parents… don’t use this line, “you can’t/don’t do it” when you yourselves are doing it. If you feel you can do it due to whatever valid reasons, please explain to make them understand why they can’t. Failing to do so will make them confused, which turns it into curiosity to try it out. Then, they might do it behind your back. We have to practise some degree of transparency and democracy with children of today. They are getting smarter and they understand better than we did when we were their age. Educate them properly. Expose them to some freedom while they are still under our wings so to give us chance to guide them when the need arises. Be not afraid to explore new territories with your children or to speak to them at the same level as you. In turn, you’ll discover that they will respect you more.  We must recognize that we all learn through mistakes and lessons and so do they.

I can’t help but to feel proud of myself that I have come this far whenever I look into the faces of my children. I continuously share our family values with them and hope that they will live through it and then, spread it to their own families and so forth. 

Finally, Mothers, go out and celebrate being a MOM and enjoy motherhood, lock stock and barrel (LOL!). Happy Mother’s Day to all! 

~ Alice N.

Happy Mother’s Day!

When I checked out the Wikipedia on Mother’s Day, I found out that this special day is celebrated on different dates all over the world. Some make it to coincide with Women’s Day or with Queen’s birthday, etc. In Malaysia, we celebrate it on the first Sunday in the month of May, and this year it falls on 8th of May. To all Mothers, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU!

I know I’m going to be very busy this weekend (not just for mother’s day) so, I decide to post it now. To me, everyday is Mother’s Day and I’m sure many will agree with me. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc have been heavily commercialised, but good for service providers. Anyway, as long as people are happy, what is there to complain, right?

Ahhh, Mother! For me, it takes one to know one. When I was just a daughter, I didn’t understand a Mother’s Gift. I won’t call it a sacrifice because she does it most willingly. Sacrifice to me is to give up something for something. Too much of such sacrifice over a period of time may one day breed discontent and resentment on the person who is on the giving side.

Mother gives a lot of herself away to her children to ensure that each grows up well and into good individuals . She never stops worrying about her children and wishing them well in her prayers. She would willingly cook up our favourite food when we are home, though she may be suffering from chronic back ache. She would dismiss your idea of dining out because she loves and enjoys cooking for us. Her cooking is always the best in the world because besides all the spices and ingredients, she puts in generous portions of her love. She is also quick to understand the lack of visits from her grown-up children, knowing everyone is busy making a living and being with their own family. She never once complains about anything, except enjoying the good company of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchild. I can’t quite sum up my Mom -no words seems good enough to describe what she has done for all of us.

If you take Mother as a job, you’ll understand this job doesn’t have annual leave, medical leave, 24×7 (who complains about 8-10 hours job 5 day week, think again!), no pay (perhaps), no promotion, no raise, no recognition, no bonus, no job specs because she literally does everything that even put the CEOs to shame (being a wife, mother, chef, maid, chauffeur, tutor, disciplinarian, food taster, scheduler, time-keeper, administrator, negotiator, accountant/auditor, dietician, walking dictionary/library, cheerleader, motivator, no.1 fan, party organiser, PR manager, fashion advisor, personal coach, mentor, change agent, you name it). The one sure thing about Mother is that, she tirelessly goes around completing her tasks and would not sleep till all are in order. She doesn’t play politics or waste time.

There’s so much to say about a Mother. You know more about your own mother. We don’t have to treat her better once a year, on Mother’s Day. Everyday is Mother’s Day. When you pray at night, pray for her too. If you can’t make it back to visit her, you can always call her, weekly calls are not too much to ask for. She just needs to hear your voice and knows that everyone at home is well. Allow your children to get to know her too – she’s their grandmother. When you are back, help her around her kitchen – if you can’t and have a wife, get your wife to help your mom, instead of everyone sitting in the living room waiting to be served! Oh yes, this scenario is common in modern families. If there’s nothing left to be done, hang around to keep her company, while she stirs up yummy food. She also needs to hear about your life and you could also ask her about hers. Don’t be strangers and please, please do not take her for granted. It is time to let her put up her legs and we the children serve her. She doesn’t ask for lots of money. She just silently ask for a little bit of attention, is all. That doesn’t cost you much (if at all), isn’t it?

For those who felt a little tug at the heart while reading this, I hope you’ll do something different from today onwards. If she is not living nearby, give her a call. If she is here, show her how much you appreciate her presence and your love for her. I sincerely hope that you’d do that to put the smile back on her face or maybe make her smile goes from her face to her heart! You like that? Do it then. It’s as simple as ABC or 123.

If I can hug all mothers, I would love to do that. But, it is impossible to reach so many of you. So, would you just allow me to give you an e-hug ((((((<3)))))).

Let’s spread our joy and love around. May you all enjoy your weekend!

~ Alice