I’m Back!

Hi all, it has been so long since I last wrote in this blog. Many things had happened and lots to occupy my time. I think, if you give me 48 hours, that’ll still be too short for me to complete the tasks I want to get done before I retire for the day.

A quick update on my thesis….I almost terminated it halfway if not for my prof’s encouragement. Lots of struggle trying to complete the thesis. It wasn’t easy when I’m involved in the PTA of my daughter’s school, of which I was elected the President and still am. I was determined to turn it around and to ensure that the PTA accounts get back to black again; I made 2017 the year to maintain and upkeep the school assets to benefit the students. Against all odds, we made it and I was most proud of our achievement. I felt so touched to witness the great teamwork displayed by parents and teachers in every program we executed. Bravo to them all!

As for the thesis, Prof guided, advised and motivated me making the toughest task seemed tolerable and achievable. I literally carried my laptop everywhere I went including during year-end holiday; I read and wrote on the plane, train, in hotel rooms and at the cafe. No time was wasted even for a short 30 mins of meal time. Finally, on the 9th of February 2018, I completed the thesis and checked my 1st draft before submitting to Prof for his comments. Now, pray for the paper to get his approval with minimal amendments.

Dearest son has settled in at his new dorm and university. He is now in his second semester as a transfer student and coping well. I’m glad that he has made great friends and got a wonderful room-mate too. I like the uni instantly when we first went for registration. The parents orientation was well planned and most informative. The second visit was when I brought my daughter along last year-end. Yes, we miss dearest son, miss his jokes, voice and presence. Glad that we could FaceTime him daily if we wish to. We have been chatting regularly.

Dearest daughter is now in Form 4 (Sec 4). Being in the pure science stream is challenging, with tonnes of homework to complete on daily basis. I pray that she’ll find a way to cope and keep up. Education today isn’t like what it was before. When I was in school, I had time for homework as well as lots of playtime. Today, the students are glued to their chairs, trying hard to complete their homework into the night. They have to spare time to attend extra tutorial classes as well as extra-curricular activities. The kids are busier than their parents!

So, what’s in store for the new year 2018? Besides maintaining my position in the PTA, I plan to groom my successor. I believe that new people bring in fresh ideas and could be more effective too. I don’t believe in the same person over-staying in a position and doing the same things but expecting different results. That is for the PTA.

As for my career, it is time to start chatting with a few people before making any decision. That shall take place after the Chinese New Year holiday. We’ll see where that leads me to.

For this one week or so, let me get my life back; go for movies, writing blog posts, and reading my novels and books. I’d like to meet up with friends again for lunch or tea, including having me-time drinking coffee with a book to read. Also, to my daughter’s delight, get back to cooking meals for her. I feel rotten having to eat out all the time or call for food delivery. She misses home-cooked food. Before this, life was all about thesis, thesis, thesis;

I am most grateful to my Prof, teachers who became my cheerleaders and motivators, friends offering encouragement and most of all my husband, parents and children, giving me the time and privacy to focus on my thesis, most understanding when I wasn’t doing my thesis. These people are my No. 1 supporters in everything I do in my life. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

This is just a short update since the last time I wrote…can’t remember when that was. Tune in for more coming your way.


~ Alice N.