Blessed Birthday, Darling

Celebrating your birthday for the 19th time, I wish you dreams come true and may all your wishes be granted. A simple man at heart but with big dreams, I’m with you all the way, my wonderful husband!

We are what you called “opposite attracts” kind of couple. We planned our marriage more than our wedding as we knew then, wedding is only for a day but marriage is forever…well, we’d like to keep it forever. As we go through the many years of life challenges and continuously striving to build a lovely, safe and cosy nest for our little family, we have also learnt so much that we compromise and come to share common life goals. We work as a team towards the same direction in life.

Life being life, it is never constant nor is it always so rosy. We had turbulence, storm and rain sometimes but these we know will pass and make us stronger. It is not uncommon in any marriage.

The man I had chosen to marry and the darling whom I’ve grown to love more and more, I am so glad to be celebrating his birthday with him together with our wonderful children and our best buddy who is more like a brother to us.

Happy Birthday, my darling husband and here’s wishing you the best that life has to offer to you! May you be blessed with continuous good health and happiness. Growing up, you have gone through so much of hardship, yet you never give up. Instead, you bulldozed through and come up being a champion! You are a survivor and ever since we share our lives together, you have me and the kids now. We shall be by your sides always and go through life’s ups and downs with you. I shall hold tightly to your hands and never let go. You shall never have to be alone again, my love.


~ Alice N.


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