Sixteen years ago, you greeted the world with eagerness….you responded to your daddy voice as if you had been hearing it for the longest time. You opened your eyes shortly after to get a glimpse of the new world, your world! You are special to us. Makes me feel that It was only yesterday you were born into this world and into our family. Anyway, Happy Sweet Sixteen!!!

You know, son? You got everyone busy at your arrival. Our colleagues were so eager to visit immediately after your birth. Bless them. However, in less than 24 hours, you were down with high fever. Everyone had to pay much attention to this VIP Baby, so said the nurses at that time – “The One and Only VIP baby”. Your pediatrician, bless him, dutifully got the nurses to provide 4-hourly progress report to us and Dr Deng himself would visit us every evening to let us know your condition. All in all, I guess, with all the love and attention, you responded well by giving it a good fight and got well. What great relief it was for all of us. It was great joy to bring you home finally! We knew then, you are a fighter or rather, a survivor, dear son.

You always have a special place in everyone’s heart. Everyone who comes in contact with you. With your easy smile, laughter and kindness. You have a good heart, son. I’m not saying all these just because I am your mom, but there are collection of compliments I received from the receivers of your charm. I hope that all these qualities shall remain in you always as you grow up and face the whole wide world. Let not the hard world change you into a cold stranger. Instead, let the experience mould you into someone who can make differences, positive changes for yourself and the world around you.

Growing up, I saw a great young man slowly taking shape. I am so proud of you, son. My wish is that you’ll always be who you really are and be proud of it; no matter how big you become, or how successful you are, always have your two feet planted firmly on the ground. Remember the values we impart to you – that shall be your guiding light always.

My dearest son, Happy Birthday and I love you, sweetheart.

Love always,


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