My Journey of Continuous Education – Sem 3 & 4

Time just breezed through in front of my eyes. Can hardly feel it, from one month to another. Little did I realise it, we have reached the third quarter of the year!

Though it was a struggle trying to do so many things in a day from time to time, I had successfully complete each stage of my courses. With frequent flying for duties and a couple of holidays, I’m glad that I managed to complete each semester.

There were times when I questioned myself, time when I blamed myself for being too confident in accepting so many tasks st a time. I feel burnt out I think. That is why I feel sleepy and tired most of the times when I am not too busy. However, when I am busy, my body and mind stay energetic throughout.

I guess I am not the only one facing this issue. There must be others sharing the same predicament with me or worse than me. All I can say is once a commitment is made, it is our duty to see it through. No quitting halfway when faced with constraints. If we persist, things would turn out alright after all. Of course, the basic requirement is hard work.

If you are already thinking that life is short, you’ll know that time is much shorter. The life lane is significantly an express lane….everything just zoomed us by. I started my Masters last May. It was not a smooth journey nor was it a walk in the park. I’ve been torn in all directions. Juggling this and that, at the same time must ensure that all balls stay afloat.

Yes, I’m stressed out and I am drained. But, with little regrets….I’m human after all and feel more so when I’m lazy, desperately in need of a break. I consoled myself that after all these works and frustrations, I know that at the end of next year, I would achieve another milestone. Better than sitting back, being idle and letting the precious time passes me by. Everything around us is constantly moving, and I believe that I should be moving too and the direction is front and ahead.

For those who share my way of life, it is indeed good to know that we are not alone. Life is always a struggle. It is also filled with sufferings because of our endless needs and wants. The more you need or want, there more you have to endure. That is the law of nature and that is life.

Cheers to life! Cheers to us!

~Alice N.