My Say….?

First and foremost, whatever I pen here is purely my personal view as an individual, as a woman, as a citizen of my country. I also choose to express my expectation for the country which I love. I do not favour any political party or campaigning for anyone. I do however, favour the right actions. I must see it to believe it. Talk is pretty cheap, even free, if you ask me. Only action and results convinced me.

With the D-Day drawing nearer and nearer, the heat of election campaign rises higher and higher. More accusations painted the dailies and reported violence to which I don’t know if I should feel informed or disgusted. I won’t apologise for feeling somewhat indifferent towards all these breaking news. Some even sounded more like “nightmares” and some are like broken records!

Now, my say. As a woman, I want to go anywhere and everywhere, at any time of the day, without fear. Fear of potential risks of being bullied on the road, robbed, kidnapped, etc. I can’t even park my car in the public car parks without feeling apprehensive. At home, we have to lock ourselves in. Crime is so rampant that the presence of security guards can’t really deter robbers and kidnappers from doing harm to us and our families. I wish someone would stand up for us and immediately work on improving the security nationwide? We don’t need sweet talks and promises every 5 year. What we need is continuous works being carried out to make our nation a better place for us to live in. We are not that forgetful that we only remember what is being done in the past year. We do remember, mind you. We do track the report cards.

I also want peace of mind when my children walk on the street, in the park, taking public transport (if need be), jogging or cycling around the housing area, visiting public toilets, etc. If more uniformed personnel were to make their rounds often, I believe crime would gradually decreased. We don’t only need them at the mall but along public roads too to maintain peace and order.

My say is, I hope some people with authority could put their feet down by doing something fruitful for our education system. We need to progress with time. Children are getting smarter. As such, our education system must cater to them and able to challenge them instead of being a bore to them. Children have grown and advanced but our education system, to my personal view, has not progressed. I wonder, if our children could remain competitive enough when they enter universities overseas and eventually, entering the work force?

I wish someone would plan and do something proactive to boost our economy, strengthen our currency, provide more business opportunities to all who clearly qualify, not mere lip service and stop bickering. Don’t they know that we, the citizens are getting sick of all these dramas? It is like watching long-winded, lousy and predictable soap operas. Boring!

Imagine, the time wasted for works to dig up “cans of worms” about one another. What puzzles me is that, why not they use precious time and effort on more productive tasks by performing their rightful duties and keep all those promises spoken so eloquently some 5 years back. Action carries more credit than revealing in great details what bad stuffs the other person had done. My hubby always tells me that numbers never lie and I do agree with him.

When the country is healthy and safe, its citizens will benefit most from the fruits it bears. Wealth to be enjoyed by all. When everyone is busy working and building their businesses, they won’t have time to think of crime or whatsoever, don’t you agree? When the stomach is full, the mind will be productive, the heart will be contented and will want to contribute back to the society. It may not happen to everyone but would do good for most. Goodness and kindness do make the world go round.

No country can claim that it is free from crime or danger. What I humbly ask for is reduced crime and careless risks. If the system were to come down hard on criminals, it would deter crime to a certain level. Be impartial when delivering judgement and carrying out punishment.

Are these too much to ask for from my beloved country? We should take care of the golden generation who had contributed so much to the growth of our country, my generation’s work-in-progress and those great plans for the following generations. We are a rich country, rich is terms of resources and not short of intelligent talents. Why I said so is because our human talents are very much sought after by many countries. Why aren’t we doing something right to retain them and lure those abroad back, via continuous education, employment, mentoring new business start-ups, etc. Just like any organisation, a nation’s most important asset is the human capital. Without the right personnel, we can’t have a more intelligent and productive nation. So what if we are rich in resources when we don’t have the right hands to handle them. We won’t sustain for long.

I’m exhausted from just expressing my inner-most wishes which I hope my country would provide to all of us moving forward. Many people I met expressed similar wishes too. Young, old, male and female citizens. It validates my belief that we all are crystal clear about what we want for and from our beloved nation but are those in the administration know enough to want to take necessary action to build a better future? It is never too late to turn around when we realize that we have diverted from the initial growth path.

Let us all build a better nation for our people and future generations. Let us stop this brain drain and keep brilliant talents all to ourselves. I am very sure, everyone would love to stay. For those who left our home ground, they are not being unpatriotic. As much as they love their birth land, they also have to think of survival and their children’s future. I won’t fault them for doing so. If we don’t know how to appreciate and treasure talents, we should not complain and stamp our feet like spoilt children when our talents slip through our fingers right before our wide, wakeful eyes. For those who stay and return to contribute, we are most grateful. Yes, we are.

Lastly, whatever is the result of GE13 come the fateful day, please do something better for the country. Provide level playing field for those who genuinely deserve it. For those who are truly capable. Who have continuously slaved over the years, blood, sweat and tears, for a breakthrough. We want independence, don’t we? Why are we still very much dependent on being spoon-fed? Do you know that the more you are pampered and protected, the more dependent and less competitive you become? People get to learn the most at adversity. When we are faced with limited resources, we’d put our brains to full capacity works in seeking out opportunities to survive, then succeed. This is our in-born survival mode. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

I am done with my say and I therefore rest my case…

~ Alice N.

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