My Journey of Continuous Education – Sem 2

I have been busier this sem than the last because I had, by chance or was it out of pure ignorance, registered for two heavyweight courses for the same day, back to back. I was being overly confident and too optimistic when making that decision, without first weighing other important variables. There is no turning back now. I have made the commitment and the only way out is to see it through till the end.

Information overload for 11 hours in a day is no joke. By going through these obstacles I have made interesting self-discoveries. So it is not all losses, but more to gain actually. Attempting to complete all assignments, cases, projects in a timely manner serves to be a great challenge for full-time working adults. 24 hours to fit in so many tasks just aren’t enough. Prioritise, Prioritise, Prioritise!

Frustration and mental exhaustion aside, now I understand why the Profs continue to give us tonnes of assignment. Excuses fell on deaf ears. Can’t blame the Profs as we have made our choices with our eyes wide open and as such, we must make do with what we have, that is to make the most out of it. Having come this far, as post-graduate students, we must not take things too lightly; instead we must fully commit ourselves to achieving our goals.

Listening to lectures in the class is not sufficient. When we’re done listening, we thought we understood….until the time when we are faced with questions or situations then, we found out that, hey, knowledge alone isn’t enough. We need a combination of knowledge and experience to solve issues more effectively.

Hardship is tough. It either breaks or makes a person. Either way, it makes you a different person, for better or worse. My personal experience, it makes me better and allows me to see life more clearly. The more I face it, the clearer it gets. Of course, being human, the experience will draw tears, laughter, confusion, frustration, etc. When the going gets tough, it draws out our inner strength, which we didn’t know that we possess it! Wow!!!

Tough as it may seem, this Sem 2 is truly a journey of new discoveries and rewarding too! Through all these exercises, I was forced to learn things which I didn’t have any idea about before. I started to learn more in-depth about MS Excel and Word financial functions. I have now reached another milestone, which places me at another step closer to my goals.

I do owe some wonderful friends who have spared their busy time to help me one way or another. One good friend went all the way to walk the length of shelves in the bookstore with me and help to select the right reference book. I am so blessed to have these great friends. Thank you so very much. I am most grateful, guys.

From these challenges, I also found a better use of You Tube, other than watching Oppa Gangnam Style videos and other entertaining recordings. If you are wondering (huh?)….I don’t mind telling you that I’m a late bloomer in the Tech Department. I didn’t know till now, that I can literally google anything and everything and there are so many videos complete with full demonstrations, in different languages, showing you how to perform financial functions! One doesn’t need to make a trip to the library to source for information. Information is now at our finger tips! Amazing, isn’t it?

To sum it all, when a challenge pushes you beyond your limit and you accept the challenge, you’ll emerge with another breakthrough! This is when you start to change in the way you live your life; the way you see things, the way you think, the way you face life issues, the way you speak, act, so on and so forth.

When my Prof said that by the end of this course, we shall all be very “different”. I know what he meant by that. Do you?


~ Alice N.

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