Live on, Mama

My dearest mother-in-law, whom I fondly called, Mama, left us on Friday, October the 12th. She’ll be missed by us – Papa, her children, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, grandchildren, great grandchildren, in-laws, relatives and friends.

In my heart and mind, she lives on and is now in a wonderful place, which gives her good health and peace. She will be how I remember her to be. Her fine fair skin, the lovely smile and small laughs whenever she watched the way my children and I interacting with one another – which I think must be amusing to her. Oh yes, I shall remember Mama that way.

The only emptiness I feel is that I don’t get to see her anymore. No longer able to give her some gentle massages or simply to hold her hands. She once called me her doctor and listened to my simple, few words of comfort. We communicated more with smiles because we spoke different dialects. Having very few words exchanged didn’t stop us from communicating and understanding each other. We had common interests and they were all about the well being of my husband and children, who are her son and grandchildren.


I would not be sharing any other memories here as I’d prefer to keep it private. Please allow me to be possessive over them. The time we spent together will always be within our hearts. I know Mama would prefer it that way too.

Mama, don’t be sad about leaving us. A tear or two would flow freely sometimes, but they are tears of love, Mama. It’s because you’re dearly missed.

Live on, Mama……we love you always.

With love,
Your youngest daughter-in-law.


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