Age Is Just A Number

It’s one of my most special days today (on the 2nd). It’s the day when my parents welcomed their daughter into the family, some decades ago. Thanks, Mom and Dad for bringing me into this wonderful world and most of all, into such awesome family.

To me, everyday is a birthday because I get to receive a gift of a brand new day. It’s like, I’m presented with another chance to make life better for me and people whom I come into contact with. I might screwed up my day yesterday But I’m given a chance to make it better today and the days which follow. Life is fantastic, isn’t it?

A friend recently asked me the secret to looking younger than my age. I take that as a compliment, thank you. I don’t have any secrets or special potion or tonic to take. Like everyone else, I juggle many things in my life (too many), there are times when I am so stressed that it’s like a time bomb about to go off anytime, I have my ups and downs, I have my bad hair days, tough days at work, driving around like a mad woman clocking more than 100 kilometers a day, so on and so forth.

All I can say is, there are things I choose to ignore (which I know I have no control over) and there are things I choose to take to heart. I laugh out loud without reservation, who cares how people gave me that look, you know, that it’s not so lady-like to laugh that loudly. I play with children at their level, like a kid. I make time to have a break by myself. I enjoy the time alone sipping my cup of hot Americano or chewing the “pearls” from my bubble tea. It’s not that I have so much time on my hands but I block that time to unwind and stop for a breather. Simply because I deserve a break.

It is nice to love and be loved too. That naturally brings the glow to one such person. Love freely. Dare to trust. Believe in your relationship with others. Learn to forgive. Do not to let small stuffs spoil an otherwise perfect day. Try to put oneself in another person’s shoes, be it the spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, etc. Learn not to magnify the faults of others. Be humble. Able to admit one’s mistake. Learn to say “I’m sorry”, “I love you” and “thank you”. Hug and kiss more. Walk side by side and hold hands always.

I love to smile and I usually walk with a little smile on my face. The kind which says “Glad to be alive”. Smiling helps to open up my heart and makes me breathe more easily and smoothly. I do receive smiles from strangers everywhere I go. It’s really nice! I don’t mind having laughing or smiling lines as I grow older. Such kind of “wrinkle” only says one thing – I have lived a wonderful life.

Besides, I also discover that doing good for ourselves, our loved ones, friends, whoever we come into contact with also make us happy and young. It feels good to make others happy besides ourselves. I strongly believe that we’ll never lose anything by helping people when we are able. We’ll never become more stupid if we teach people. We’ll never be left with nothing left when we share. In fact, the more we give out, with sincerity, the more the universe will respond positively to us!

Of course, if we are taken for a ride the first time, it is not our fault. We shall learn from it and stop it from repeating. Being too kind has its disadvantages. Just play by ear and do what is right for you. I can’t tell you what is the right or wrong thing to do as I am still learning too. However, I shall not let this little setback to stop me from doing what I enjoy doing and to be kind to others.

So, my special birthday wishes to you all is “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY ALWAYS AND DO GOOD WHENEVER YOU CAN”. May your smiles lighten up the world around you. May you be showered with lots of love always. May you enjoy the journey to that destination of yours. Peace in your heart and mind.

For all my friends, thank you for your warm wishes. I shall embrace all the lovely messages/advice/wishes you’ve showered upon me and make them part of my life. Thanks for the BBMs, SMS, FB, Whatsapp, Viber, email messages. I feel so blessed 🙂

Alice N.


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