Labour of Love

We are often told repeatedly by successful people, that one of the main ingredients to success is to love what you do. I had also written before about how loving what you do would make life much easier for you in many ways.

When you love what you do, it will not be seen as a chore but more like a hobby or something which you do out of pleasure. In fact, you’d carry it out tirelessly, with a smile constantly plastered to your face, with spring in your steps. Though it may look tough in the eyes of others, you don’t feel the weight of the job or the extreme stress that comes with it. Simply because of the passion in you, you mostly feel good and in fact, enjoying the challenge! Whenever you face down times, you’d easily pick yourself up and move on again.

I have always thought that most, if not all jobs, are labour of love. Of course, there are people who look at their jobs as a mean to receive income to provide the kind of life they desire. Period. Not surprising to find people stuck in their jobs which they despise and have to drag themselves out of bed every morning. Being unhappy in one’s job will stop you from progressing and wasting a lot of time finding fault with people or things around you. Some would not hesitate to call in sick, quite frequently, without guilt at all, not realising that it will burden their fellow colleagues with additional work due to their irresponsible act. When we try to fool others, we’d actually make the biggest fool out of ourselves! Why waste time and energy on something so unproductive when you can choose to seek out another job or profession, which would capitalise your special talent or skill.

People who are passionate about their works embrace their responsibilities, with one thing in mind, i.e. do their very best to produce results. Besides high energy level, love and compassion too will flow from their hearts into their works. Besides themselves, they strive to make this world a better place for people whom they come into contact with. They are the ones who want to make a difference to their profession/work by doing it right. These people are driven by the passion to GIVE first, knowing that the reward will eventually follow suit.

I have seen and encountered wonderful experience from people who put in a lot of effort into their works, right from the janitors to business owners. You can see the passion that drives them to produce high quality results. They work tirelessly and care for the people around them. These are the people who treat their jobs as labour of love.

Educators (teachers, lecturers, trainers, etc), nurses, doctors, lawyers, the ones in uniforms, the list goes on. Besides that, I also would like to record my appreciation to the following labours of love, if I may.

Parents are those who incorporate endless love and patience into everything they do, in ensuring that their families are well taken care of. They choose to give the best to their families, feeling happy and contented just by doing so. The reward is seeing the smile on the faces of their young ones. Being parents, there are no annual/sick leaves. Unlike office jobs, you don’t clock in and out at specific times. You don’t just switch off, lock the door to your work station, change out of your working suit and throw away whatever residue from the day’s work. Fact is, being parents, you are 24×7 on standby mode for your family, even though you have completed the daily chores.

Volunteers, NGO, social workers are those who give their personal time and services without asking for anything in return. They just want to give other people a place to belong in this world and make a difference in someone else’s life. There are those who have great desire to make this world a better place for the current and future generations. I’ve known people who left their high-paying corporate jobs to perform social works for the community. I can feel so much love from these people. They give their precious time and not just money, to perform one of the most precious act on earth!

Insurance advisors pledge to provide financial securities to as many families as possible. These are the people whom others try hard to avoid as best as they can. People would freeze when they heard the word “insurance” or the name of any insurance companies they worked for, and immediately widen the space between them or find an excuse to move away. It is sad to see such a wonderful career being treated as outcasts. For those who have experience with the benefits of an insurance protection, they know the value of it and would make their advisers best of pals or to some, as close as family members. Insurance is not a bad word. It takes a lot of love and empathy to be a good adviser.

Of course there are many other labour of love out there. Pardon me for not being able to mention all. As I said earlier, all jobs are labour of love. When you love what you do, the one result you get out of it is SUCCESS! When you feel happy doing something, you will automatically put in your all and all else will fall into place – satisfaction, recognition, rewards, promotions, you name it. It feels just right!

I also agree that not all are angels in every profession. There are some bad apples out there which earn them nothing but bad reputation. It is the lousy work of this group of minorities that tarnish the good names of the much-respected professions. These are the ones who go all out to get quick bucks without conscience. As a result, sad to say, other people suffer great losses for their gains.

I’d like to believe that there is always something for everyone to do in this world. Try by understanding more about yourself and find out what make you tick. When you love what you do, you save yourself and others from heartache and headache. Reason being, what we do Will affect people around us. When you throw out a clean ball, no one gets dirty. However, if you throw out a muddy ball, whoever it comes into contact with will get your dirt.

All the best to you….Smile and the world will smile with you 🙂

~ Alice N.


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