What is PEACE? Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace also suggests the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, the establishment of equality, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all. In international relations, peacetime is not only the absence of war or conflict, but also the presence of cultural and economic understanding.(Wikipedia)

When people pray, all pray for PEACE to the world, I’m sure. No one choose to live in a community where war, crime, violence and abuse lurking just around the corner, every day of their lives. We want PEACE of mind, living PEACEfully in our countries and lands, peacefully carrying out our duties and peaceful streets for our children and family members to walk on.

Is PEACE so difficult to achieve? Please allow me to share with you the following extract of a lecture. It is not about religion but I’d like you to read it as how one looks at PEACE…..

Whether we have global peace or global war is up to us at every moment. The situation is not hopeless and out of our hands. If we don’t do anything, who will? Peace or war is our decision. The fundamental goal of Buddhism is peace, not only peace in this world but peace in all worlds. The Buddha taught that the first step on the path to peace is understanding the causality of peace. When we understand what causes peace, we know where to direct our efforts. No matter how vigorously we stir a boiling pot of soup on a fire, the soup will not cool. When we remove the pot from the fire, it will cool on its own, and our stirring will hasten the process. Stirring causes the soup to cool, but only if we first remove the soup from the fire. In other words, we can take many actions in our quest for peace that may be helpful. But if we do not first address the fundamental issues, all other actions will come to naught.

The Buddha taught that peaceful minds lead to peaceful speech and peaceful actions. If the minds of living beings are at peace, the world will be at peace. Who has a mind at peace, you say? The overwhelming majority of us live in the midst of mental maelstroms that subside only for brief and treasured moments. We could probably count on the fingers of both hands the number of those rare, holy persons whose minds are truly, permanently at peace. If we wait for all beings in the world to become sages, what chance is there of a peaceful world for us? Even if our minds are not completely peaceful, is there any possibility of reducing the levels of violence in the world and of successfully abating the winds of war? (Ron Epstein – Lectures for the Global Peace Studies Program, San Francisco State University, November 7 & 9, 1988)

I’ve highlighted on the fundamentals of obtaining PEACE, in Bold in the above two paragraphs. Let’s now focus more on self-peace than the whole world. To a simple eye and mind, every one of us makes up the whole world, how we run it, how we live it and how we nourish it. One may argue that what he/she does, is not going to affect the community, nation, world. That’s where you are wrong! You see, from one-of-a-kind that grows into a huge group of people, who feel indifference and act irrationally or refuse to act rightfully, this action of the huge group will certainly make an impact to a given situation. One person’s act doesn’t have much impact but when it becomes a pool of persons, you’ll feel the impact! You know it too.

Ahhh Peace, wish we can all embrace that to our lives and live in perfect harmony. We need to reflect what have gone wrong that make peace out of our reach? We need to start making a difference by doing something differently. What and how different speech, act and thought must be? It’s totally up to you to figure it out yourselves.

Everything starts from a small seed. You are the little seed. What would you do for yourself, family, workplace, community, country and the world to achieve peace? Let’s not just chant “Peace To The World” or something in that essence. Let’s do it. Follow your conscience and do what is right.

Some people, in the name of Success, Wealth, Freedom, create a huge mess in the process. Peace is compromised too. We all know that there is no elevator to Success but just stairs. Via the stairs, it is a long, steep uphill climb but the view at the top is so magnificent that once you’re at the top, the aches and exhaustion in your body and mind would instantly disappear, replaced by pure happiness ad freedom.

So, whatever you wish to achieve, remember Peace to be the most important ingredient in your life. With Peace, you can achieve more and long-lasting result. Peace to you and I.

Alice N.


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