Happy 1st Birthday, MyTrove!

On March 23, 2011, I published my first post here. My thanks to darling hubby who planted the seed of starting a blog of my own, as he knew very well how much I love to share my knowledge and experience with people. Following that, thanks to my dear friend, Karen for being the architect of this blog. She enthusiastically started to construct the whole thing before I could say ‘No’. She posed a string of questions for me to act on so that the blog could be launched within the next 72 hours. Boy, was she demanding and I know why. By keeping me busy, I won’t have time or space to think of reasons why I can’t do it. You may want know that Karen lives in Australia and I’m in Malaysia. When we were emailing to and fro, we didn’t feel the distance at all. It’s like we were brainstorming at my living room! Additionally, special mention to a friend who is a popular fellow blogger, CuteCarry, for sharing his experience with me, which gave me the confidence to start writing. This is the story of the birth of a wonderful blog called MyTrove! Thanks to all with ❤

Not to forget, Special Thanks to all my readers, my friends, who constantly share your feelings and thoughts after reading each post. These comments keep me going and give me the fuel to want to do more and better. I thank God for giving me the inspiration to share my thoughts with you, continuously. I shall want to do so for as long as I live.

I so believe that when God blesses us with "Gifts", it is only more meaningful when we share them. We shouldn’t fear for the receiver(s)to be better off than us when we do so. When we give, we make rooms to receive some more. I strongly believe that the world is huge and it has a special place for every one of us in it.

Having said that, what I found to be most satisfying from my act of sharing is to know that whatever I have written here, do make a difference in someone else's lives. It could be someone close to home, at the neighbouring countries or even across the continent. It could be words of comfort at that particular time of need, inspiring to some when they are at cross roads in life, useful advice to apply to their daily activities, giving hope to some who are feeling helpless, and so on.

It has been a year now and MyTrove contains 108 posts, with 5870 views and still counting. This is the first time I’ve attempted writing in public. It may not be as many posts as I planned to have but I feel that it accounts for something. This second year, I shall hope to share much more. If you feel that I have not written something which you would love to read about from MyTrove, do drop me a line and fell free to make suggestions. I shall do my best to deliver.

This one year journey has been wonderful! I’m enjoying myself here and I hope you do too. MyTrove is my virtual home, welcoming everyone who wishes to drop in for a rest. I warmly welcome you to my Tea Room to have “tea” with me for a relaxing chit-chat about life; then, there are more serious notes From My Desk to talk about issues related to work, career and business; and, there is the cheerful and bright rainbow coloured Play Room, where I share about issues related to children, growing up, through my eyes and experience.

When you are up to your nose with work or chores, take a break and relax with me at MyTrove. I hope your stopping over will help you recharge your battery to return to work with renewed energy and zest. Even if I’m unable to do anything more than simply amused you in any way, my mission has accomplished. That is, I’ve managed to make you feel better than before! I sincerely hope so, my dear friend.


~ Alice N.


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