Holiday Travel

I believe most people if not all, love traveling. I think people prefer to travel for a vacation than for business. Since the day I was old enough to look for a job, I had always wished to get a job which requires me to travel. Back then, the only job I could think of was being an air stewardess. However, due to my height, the job was out of reach. I was short by a couple of inches. Too bad…

Fast forward years, till today, I still haven’t got the chance to travel around the world for work assignment. But, I have the chance to travel to neighboring countries, which I’ve grown to love, like second home. Though we don’t have the luxury of long holidays, I’m good. In fact, I prefer short trips to long ones maybe because I hate to feel lazy. You see, when I get to enjoy a long holiday, I won’t feel like coming back to reality…i.e. back to office, work, running daily chores and the whole package. Besides, I get bored easily.

Just yesterday my dear husband discovered that I truly enjoy short trips; day trips, couple of days’ trips. When I’m away from home, I can sit by the sidewalk cafe watching local activities and people around me, hunting for delicious food and walk around malls (more like looking for anything which I can’t find back home). Travelling criteria have always been a clean and nice hotel, best would be in walking distance to sidewalk cafes or malls (yeah, I like convenience, where whatever I need will be within reach). So, back packing in not my cup of tea, though it sounds adventurous. Guess I’m not the adventurous kind of person.

Being on vacation is like living a ” fairy tale” life. You’d be pampered big time. No more hurrying from one place to another. Sleep as late as you like. Nothing to worry about, literally. Well, we’ll have to come down to earth, from this “dream-like” life. Back to reality the minute we reach home. But, do enjoy while it last 🙂

If you are on holiday, enjoy the rest of your vacation. Re-charge and go back home to your life with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Enjoy life and make the most of it!

Alice N.


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