New Year Resolutions

2011 past so fast that I barely could catch my breath! Many good things happened in my life throughout the 12 wonderful months. I can only describe it as productive yet challenging. I managed to complete what I set out for, except for two things, i.e. hitting the gym to getting that few kilograms off my body and learning a new (Thai or Korean) language. So, like accounting, they would be carried forward to 2012 (sigh)…Still, I feel so blessed with how the whole year events turned out to be. Many thanks to my loving family, friends, associates and my Sunday school students.

Now, 2012 is here! My daughter once watched the movie 2012, became afraid that it’ll turn to reality. All I can say to comfort her is that no one knows when is the end. So, let’s not sweat over anything which is beyond our control. Instead, to make full use and make good, of every second of our lives, on this amazing earth. Think positively always. It’s relief that children learn fast and able to understand adults well. If, however, you find my words rather depressing, especially the beginning part, my humble apologies to you, my friends. No intention to cause any kind of misery to you.

Oh yes, the new year…a fresh start of the new calendar, diaries, planning for the year and of course the ever popular New Year Resolutions! So, what are your resolutions? Make more money, spend more time with family, go for more vacations, getting married, buying that flashy car you’ve been eyeing for, study harder, climb another mountain, losing weight, have healthier diet, go to the gym more frequently, go green, make peace, be more grateful, learning new language(s), be more charitable, be a volunteer, the list goes on….

Whatever you set for yourself, make sure it is realistic and achievable. Don’t just make it look good on paper. Make it challenging and at the same time, motivating to achieving it in the end. Your resolution is meant for you and you only. So, it is good to focus on your needs and wants, what you want to realize this whole year. If you still have any outstanding items in last year’s resolution, bring it/them forward. Add to your current list.

It would be most helpful if you could make your resolution visible at all times. If you like, make a Resolution Board, filled with pictures of what you want done or achieved. That shall act as a great reminder to stay the course. Do bear in mind that everything around us changes in time. Therefore, if the direction you are heading happen to divert due to current environment, situation or whatever, be flexible with your plans. Do not be too hard on yourself if you happen to divert from your goals temporarily. Once the time is right, just hop back on track.

If however, you find that certain item in your list has become irrelevant, it is alright to take it off. Then, you may wish to replace with something more relevant to your current situation. There is no hard and fast rule about realizing every item in your resolution. Life is full of uncertainties. No one can be sure how an event will unfold at the end, right? So, keep cool, keep moving forward.

My New Year Resolutions are to lose that extra kilo, learn Thai +/- Korean languages and complete my laser treatment (for Syringoma) as planned, just to name a few. I must admit that I still have not completed the whole list yet. I have been busy shopping, from one mall to another, in preparing for the new school year and the upcoming festive season. Most tiring…physically and mentally. I think I might have lost a kilo or so, from brisk walking around these the large malls.

Very well then. I shall leave you to completing your New Year Resolutions. Remember to keep them realistic, achievable and motivating….wishing you all the best for the new year! Have faith that it is going to be another fabulous year ahead! 🙂

Alice N.

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