Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time

We know that by procrastinating, we can make things or situation worse…for example, missed opportunities, incurred additional costs/penalty/loss, delayed progress, etc. Then, why do we still choose to procrastinate?

Admittedly, I have my moments of procrastination. What excuse do I have? Well, there were times when I had to attend to something more pressing which I wasn’t able to say “NO” to, that I resorted to pushing other important issues aside. Also because, the issues in hand were more difficult to handle or more of a hassle, which I was reluctant to attend to them that instant. Kind of, waiting for the right mood for them (sigh).

There would be time when we become lazy and start to find excuses for our non-action. When we are so keen on looking for an excuse, we can always find several to make up for the guilt of not completing something that needs to be done. See, it is so easy to run away from the present even for a while but there is always a price to be paid.

Next time, when you feel like switching off your computer, and you know that there is one or two emails which require your immediate reply, why not settle it first? It doesn’t take too much of your time, as compared to it staying in your mind as outstanding matter all night long or you might forget it altogether the next day! Always attempt to clear your in-tray on your desk or in your mind. This will free up more space for your mind to relax at the end of the day. One less thing to worry about….sounds good, isn’t it?

Many books advised on setting up a proper work system or format a to-do listing with priorities in check. Yet, we still find ourselves struggling to do as advised, even though we know it is good for us. If we could attend to things/issues more promptly, without causing any unnecessary delay and thus, affecting other people, life can actually be less stressful. We can, in fact, also accomplish more!

Less stressful because when we have completed a task, we strike off an item on our listing. This makes our to-do list shorter by the minute or hour. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment, which in turn motivates us to move along, with much enthusiasm, to get more done quickly. Then, we can truly enjoy the balance of the day, peacefully.

New year is just around the corner. For those who have the habit of writing new resolutions, let’s add to the list “Be Prompt In Action“, or “First Thing First“, or “Do It Now“, or “Immediate Attention“, something along that line. It’s entirely up to you how you want to word it. I read from some books that we should not say something negative or the universe will deliver it to you. For example, if you say, “don’t procrastinate”, the mind only hears the word “procrastinate” and it will act accordingly. Somehow, the mind is unable to process or internalize the word “don’t”. That was mentioned by experts, not me, and I tend to agree with it.

So, be extra careful what you feed into your mind and what you write in your resolution or wish list. Always be positive about what you speak, think and do. You’ll soon discover that life can be simpler and easier for you too when you apply all the right thoughts and actions.

As I read somewhere before, “why wait till tomorrow, what you can do today, for tomorrow may never come?!“. So True! For goodness sake, do not procrastinate! Try to change your mindset by being in the present and doing things now instead of later. Reason being, later can be a moment later, or a day later, or a week/month/year later. Time passes very fast these days. It is only right for you not to say the word “Later” when you can do it (almost) immediately. Replace it with, “Alright, I’ll do it right now”. Try it, you’ll feel and see the difference…huge difference.

So shall I…I’ll post this Now instead of Later. For my Later could end up a few days from today (oops!). I’m also still wrestling with procrastination for a few important things, but I know, I’m getting closer to the edge of glory! Yes, you can do it too. Cheers!

~ Alice N.

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