My Little Gadget Family

All girls love their solitaires, right? All girls like bouquets of roses, right? Maybe not all…

When I was younger, having read too many romantic novels for years, I truly believed in fairy tale romance. Dashing men wooing gorgeous women to the altar and live happily ever after. Courting with roses, candle-lit fine dining, diamond ring, romantic get-aways, etc.

I used to like my roses, but special occasions became too commercialised that I decided to go for lilies instead. Lilies are so pure and delicate, like a human life and also like a relationship between two loving souls. I don’t believe in spending hundreds of Ringgit for a bunch of roses. I’d prefer to spend on my favourite food instead! At least I get the satisfaction of a full and happy tummy.

As for jewelleries, how many can one wear, right? I’ll stay with the basics. The rests, I’d ask for gadgets, if you please. Dearest hubby knows very well what I really want….I’m not tech savvy but I just love the gadgets as they are fun to have. Though I may not fully utilise the apps, I use enough to make life simpler and more interesting for me.

It all started with cellphones then moved on to PDAs, smart phones, Blackberries, laptop, netbook, Nintendo DS, PSP, iPods, iPad….super exciting! Imagine, in exchange of one sparkly little rock, I can so many gadgets! Can put them to good use too!

It’s personal preference. Some prefer the bling bling whilst some prefer the practical tools. I happen to go for the latter, but tech gadgets only, not household electricals and such, please!!! Whichever, as long as you feel good and happy with it, your choice is always right because you know yourself best.

My little gadget family, a typical lazy morning or stress-relieving evening would be toying with our gadgets after a family meal. We share our apps with one another and we also discuss and share things that we do with our gadgets. To ensure that there is no overdose of gadget time, we set gadget-free period and zones too. Everyone has to respect and obey that golden rule.

Reason being, too much of a good thing won’t do any good for anyone. Moderation is the keyword. This principle applies to gadgets’ usage too. Too much exposure makes one lacking in the communication department; it also makes one irritable, impatient or restless; I’d like to say that it makes your eyes go sunken and look like a zombie….due to lack of sleep or having too much of restless or disturbed sleep. So, go easy on the gadgets as they can be addictive as well. Keep it in check always.

With the right dose and application, gadgets are great to have. I like my gadgets and I love my Little Gadget Family ❤ 😉

~Alice N.

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