Holiday Mood

Less than a month before we greet the new year of 2012! Right now, you can see major malls swamped with people, locals and from out of the city, tourists, all taking advantage of the mega sale this holiday season. There are people getting gifts for Christmas, new clothes for the new year, new school attire and accessories for new school year, next month. The malls are also beautifully decorated for the festive season, which certainly enhance the festive mood further for shoppers. It works for me!

During the year-end holiday, normally, children will be attending self-enrichment or fellowship camps, parents taking leave from work for family vacation, some children return to hometowns to spend some time with grandparents, uncles and/or cousins. Some older children will work to earn some pocket-money. For others, life’s pretty much the same except for the joyous festive mood.

For me, end of the year has been more of time for family. More social than work. My children and I get to spend more quality time together, doing what we enjoy, more than usual (lol!). Few years back, I discovered that for children, it is not all about where the vacation’s going to be. It needs not be overseas trips or expensive holidays but spending time with them and allowing them to enjoy themselves. So, if you cannot get away due to work commitment, you don’t have to feel guilty. As long as you spare some personal time with them doing things together, that will do quite wonderfully. Explain to your loved ones and plan for a holiday when you are able to.

For my family….maybe because my children have grown and are more mature now, that they know what they want and how to spend their time. To them, visiting friends at their homes, rock climbing with some, visiting grandparents and playing with cousins, shopping and movies with mom and dad, day trips inter-city for food and fun, swimming at the club, etc. Of course, like other kids, they also have their choices of holiday destination.

When you have to run your own growing business, you don’t get the luxury of long vacations or none at all, especially during business peak period. Dearest hubby is hard at work. Therefore, I feel that I ought to step in to clear my calendar for time with the children. When time permits, we shall make it up to them. I’m glad that I have two understanding children. They do not complain. Instead, they always make suggestions for alternative plans. I never fail to try to make it special and fun for them.

When it comes to going on a vacation, we are most particular about cleanliness and comfort. Unsure if this is good or bad….but we are dead serious when it comes to the quality of the hotel. Our home is kind of like 6-stars with complete facilities/services – that’s how I feel about my home sweet home. So, to stay away from home is not that easy, for me especially. Sometimes, I’d rather stay home or simply go on day trips inter-city. It’s quite an adventure actually, try it.

Besides, we also have to attend to some social activities towards year-end. That, one way or another keep us occupied, but in a relaxing way. I love year-end, don’t you? Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I would.

I wish you a great holiday!

~ Alice N.

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