Aces Matters?!

Today, Malaysian students who sat for the UPSR examination obtained their results. As usual, you can easily spot various expression, of joy, surprise, disappointment and sadness. Some returned to immediately share their joy or frustration in the Facebook. I feel for all of you..

Academically, we can’t deny that Aces still matter. A lot! School authorities use it to measure the overall performance of their students. Schools also see the results before admitting any new students into their compound. Grades matter, like it or not… it because this is the only method used, to measure the level of intelligence of a student?

I do recognise the limitation faced by schools in measuring a student’s actual capability. However, I am of the opinion that Aces does not directly measure a person’s level of intelligence. I’d like to believe that Aces indicate the depth of understanding of a student for the subjects concerned. I have met some students with Aces who could not communicate or express him/herself properly, but have straight A’s in their exams. I have also encountered some average students who speak better, active in extra-curricular and display their creative side.

If one does not score all the Aces, it does not mean that he/she is any less smarter. Please do not despair if you have not obtained full A’s. Look at your results again and do a post-mortem. Ask how you managed to get Aces for certain subjects and why it did not happen to the others? Was it because you have difficulty in understanding the subject? Do you need extra help? Discuss with your parents to plan ahead. What about your studying method? Think, if you were to apply the same method of studying, for subjects which you scored A’s to the non-A’s subject(s), do you think it would work out?

Do not for a minute think that you are a failure or you are less smarter than those who obtained straight A’s. How you judge yourself will mirror how you think others feel about you. If you think you are less intelligent, you would think that is how people judge you. So, why not try to change the scene to that of a positive one? Not only does it give you a boost in the confidence department, it would make people feel the confidence in you. You will then attract good energy to you. Try it and you’ll know what I mean šŸ™‚

For those who had done well, Bravo! Hard work paid off. You have the right to your happiness. While you are celebrating, it would be nice to be mindful of your friends who did not do well and are feeling down. For those of you who acted in kind but received resentment instead, from your friends, give them space and time to recover from their disappointment. It’s not easy for them too.

Moving along now….you’ll be entering the teenage world soon. There’ll be more challenges ahead. Enjoy the long holiday and have as much fun as possible. Come new year, you’ll be very busy adjusting to the new environment and new emotions that come with it. Remember to continue communicating with your parents and other family members as you go through the emotional journey. As you make new friends, keep in touch with the old ones.

I shall leave you with my best wishes for your future undertakings. Remember, no matter how big or small an achievement is, it is still AN ACHIEVEMENT! Allow yourself to feel proud. After all, you have completed 6 years of formal foundation education! Aces matters but you matter most to your parents. Always remember that šŸ™‚

~ Alice N.

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