It’s The Time of The Year…

How time flies…feel like it’s only yesterday we went around the city, enjoying the sight of beautiful Christmas decor. That was almost a year ago! Today, I believe most malls must have put up their lovely decor. The accompanying picture was taken in Sunway Pyramid. Can’t wait to go to other malls to check them out!!!

Yes, I’m truly excited. Being surrounded by the magically transformed places, it is like being “Alice in Wonderland!” Well, sure makes me feel like one and never fail to bring out a wide smile to my face.

For our Christian friends celebrating Christmas, I’m sure you are starting early…putting up the Christmas tree, ornaments, lighting, etc. Soon, it would be shopping for gifts! Whatever it is, I think, moderation is a good idea. Most importantly, it’s the family gathering – togetherness, spreading love and good wishes, sharing with people in need…it’s a time for giving and sharing. Do I get it right? If not, beg your pardon, but this is how I feel about the season 🙂

On a slightly more serious note, if you please : Besides the festive season, year-end is fast approaching. For those of you who had religiously written down your 2011 resolution, how has it been so far? For those who aim to reach a certain goal, how near are you to achieving it? Or, you have already completed your goals…Bravo!

As for me, as far as I can remember, I had done what I set out for, except to postpone one to next year, my Master program. If successful, the new term will begin in February 2012. I have also added a few more items to the list of 2011 – two of them are learning Korean and Thai Languages. Trying to learn Korean through watching the dramas and from my iPad, together with my children. And, I bought a book with CD on learning Thai language during my recent trip to Bangkok. Hope it works! If that is not enough, I shall then seek out tutors or classes….

On the professional side, I had successfully completed advisory works on Business Succession Planning for some clients. 2011 started with some hitches but it managed to smoothen out towards second half. It was a challenging year with many changes being made along the way. Life is like that, isn’t it? So long we don’t give up halfway. If tired, give consent to ourselves for a short break to gather strength. Then, pull ourselves up again to move forward. Having a loving and supportive partner/friend/family member is very important too. When we feel down and weak, a strong helping hand or shoulder or even motivational words can do wonders! Sometimes, we just need a little nudge to move along. Ahhhhh….I’m satisfied thus far. I have strong faith that all hard work will come to fruition very, very soon!

What about you? Do you have an interesting year too? If you have been working hard and doing things right, but yet to see any results, hang in there as harvest season is near. If you have been fortunate to be blessed with good things, count your blessings and continue to do the right things….nothing is permanent in our lives. We have to keep working on our life purpose and objectives. The only thing being constant in life is CHANGE. We have to change with time to stay relevant. Let’s change for the better!

I shall leave you to your thoughts now. If you enjoy beautiful lighting and decor, get out and about to check out the Christmas mood around town. Let’s go….

~ Alice N.


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