A Little Prayer

I’m so blessed to have a string of friends continuously sending motivational and lovely inspirational messages to my mailbox. Below is one of them, which I’d like to share with you….

Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble,
but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout.

No matter how and when you pray, where you perform it, in whatever language, it is still a prayer. Words of gratitude, cries for salvation, plea for strength, guidance and wisdom, anything in your mind. It is a private conversation between you and the higher power – God, Devas, Universe, etc.

Many people pray whenever and wherever for whatever reasons; happy, sad, desperation, or merely seeking peace and calmness in their mind. Some only resort to prayer when they are deep in trouble. There’s no right or wrong timing or reasons. We must understand that it is indeed personal.

My personal experience, when I have private conversations with God, I know deep down, I’m not walking this emotional path alone. If it is physical, I know I’ll be able to summon the invisible strength to pull through when the time comes. When I have faith and walking tall with clear conscience, I know there is this power which will protect me from the worst. I would not be spared from any troubles or sufferings, but it will not be the worst. Let’s say I’ll come out of it with scratches and light wounds and most of all, lessons to be learnt.

Yes, I have prayers answered but I have some unanswered ones too, always leaving me wondering why. When that happens, unanswered prayers inevitably make me feeling helpless, disappointed or even angry, or all in! As would most people, I do question why and seek answers! When answers do not come to me, I’ve since learnt to let go. Consoling myself that there must be a reason behind this decision by the One Above. By letting go and stepping back, mostly, the actual situation will appear clearer after the “storm“. That made me understand the meaning of “Let Go and Let God“.

My prayers have always been an expression of gratitude with dashes of wishes and hopes. Pray for patience, strength, wisdom and protection. Well, it can be for anything and anybody, literally.

If you haven’t been praying and wish to try it, be my guest. Remember that it is a private conversation between you and the Almighty One or the Universe. There is no fixed script. Just talk to your heart’s content. You’ll sense a force being with you always…when you are up and when you are down. You’ll also come to realise that you are never alone, even when you feel that people around you are keeping their distance for whatever reasons. Remember to always be grateful for everything. The good for you to enjoy and the not so good, providing you the chance to learn from it which supposedly make you wiser.

With that, I leave you with a prayer of hope and warm wishes that you’ll find it in your heart to love, compromise, forgive and let go (of things you have no control over).

~ Alice N.


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