Doing What You Like, Liking What You Do.

Whatever you do in your life, choose it well. Choose to do something which you enjoy doing. Reason being, when you do something which you like, you’ll enjoy doing it. It takes lesser efforts too.

Just like studying; take up what you enjoy learning about. When you study what you are interested in, your mind is more receptive towards subject matter, and it absorbs information more willingly and easily. You are more attentive and proactive too. I believe that contributes largely to success in your studies.

When it comes to work, if you engage in activities which you are passionate about, you’ll be eager to learn and volunteer to do more. Because, you know that by offering to do more, you’ll get the opportunity to learn better. You don’t find that to be a burden at all! Ever heard of people who get paid for their hobbies? Many people these days, put their hobbies to good work, and earn well too. I’ve known quite a number of friends who put their baking, handicraft, sewing, designing and writing skills to earning good income!

As for me, I am passionate about what I do. I enjoy the challenge of looking for solutions to my clients’ financial and wealth preservation issues. Not every case is the same and the level of complexity differs from client to client. It can be as straight forward as planning a client’s cash/budget management, lifestyle protection, retirement planning, or as complicated as estate planning, generational wealth strategy and business succession planning, for instance. Every case is exciting to me. I’d give it my full attention as I would handling a newborn baby. Being able to put the jigsaw puzzle together can be challenging but most satisfying, especially when you have a happy client and when the client turns to be a good friend, at the end of the whole exercise.

When you are doing what you like, you must really like what you do! I have people who told me that they like planning but dislike dealing with clients; there is no way you can come up with a good strategy without meeting and understanding the client. Some like to meet with clients but don’t like administrative works like writing reports, filing, etc. There is no two-way about it….you’ve got to have it as a whole.

If you dislike something very much, find out what is the reason behind this strong reaction. If you can identify it, you may find a way around it, or better, fix it. Could it be because you don’t know how to perform the task? If that is so, seek out someone who is good at it and learn from him/her. It is alright to ask for help. Everyone does that, one way or another. If you find an unwilling teacher, go to the next one. Many people out there is kind and helpful. They don’t mind sharing their knowledge with you. I’m so blessed to have friends and associates who are ever so willing to provide guidance and advice when I need them. I do the same too, to anyone who is genuinely in need of help to develop oneself. I often discover that the more I share, the more I learn, the deeper I understand the subject matter.

There is still so much to learn no matter how many years of experience you have. I have been in this industry for 13 years and I am still learning from everyone around me! Everyday is a learning experience. Therefore, it is important to be doing what you like and liking what you do. You’ll survive the marathon in the long haul. Your passion and ever lasting interest will be your personal cheerleader and energy booster to keep you moving towards your goal(s). When you love and enjoy doing something, you are always on a positive mode. When faced with challenges, you seek out solutions and opportunities, instead of seeing it as a dead-end.

If you are not sure whether what you are doing is what you really like, write down your thoughts and feelings about it. Ask yourself if you could see yourself doing the same thing, three to five years from now? If it is not the same thing, does whatever you do or study able to branch out to something more challenging and exciting for your personal development?

For instance, I studied Accounting because I enjoyed doing the accounts and playing with figures. Then, I learnt Marketing to get into the most rewarding career, Sales & Marketing. Thereafter, I went into Human Resources Management as I was interested to know how I can contribute to the workforce, to make their jobs more motivating and rewarding.

Insurance and Investment Planning came next and further expanded to Financial Planning Advisory, as it is today. Yeah, I can see myself planning and consulting till I grow old, doing what I am passionate about. I shall also keep on seeking formal education in the field of my expertise. Besides practicing, I know that one day soon, I shall branch out to training and lecturing too!

Now, back to you, my friend. What would you do with your passion? What does it take to make it better than what it is now? For how long will you keeping doing it?

Whatever do choose to do, there is not Right or Wrong. It is only wrong when you force yourself to like something and end up hating it. Choose wisely.

I wish you all the best in your future undertakings!

~ Alice N.


2 thoughts on “Doing What You Like, Liking What You Do.

  1. Nice article…yeah it is difficult to motivate oneself to like some of the things one has to necessarily do…one has to just keep trying and sometimes try to find a workaround for the boring task or avoid it 🙂

    1. Thank you, Harsh. You must be writing from experience and I’m glad you recognize the challenges life serves you. Keep moving forward and all the best to you 🙂

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