What Do You Do….?

…when you are not well and still have loads of work to do?
I say, the best thing to do is to rest at home for a whole day. Eat, drink plenty of water and take your medicine as advised by the Doctor. Sleep for as long as you like to let your body recuperate. Moreover, by doing this, you also keep the virus away from other people. All it takes is a day’s rest and you’ll be fit again to return to your work. I always believe that working with a full and fresh mind is more productive than a weak and sleepy mind.

….when you seem to work continuously for the whole day?
I say, walk away from the task for a while, take five or ten. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, put your feet up and relax. Resume work after you’ve had your break. Even a good show on TV breaks for commercials. Why not we take a short break after doing something for a long period. By doing this we give rest to our mind, eyes, hands, body, etc. Sometimes, you get new ideas during that break! A mind thinks better when it is calm.

….when you have an off day but no plans?
I say, doing something spontaneous puts a little spice back to your life. Not all things need to be planned out so systematically. Let your hair down and do things as they come to your mind! I like to go out, sit in a cafe to enjoy my cup of hot Americano, with a good book or iPad. Nibbling on finger sandwiches whilst observing my surrounding. People-watching is one of my past time. You learn a lot by observing others.

…when you have an argument with your partner?
I say, walk away to cool off. Confrontation in anger is a big NO NO. Some hurtful words may be hurled at each other, which may be regretted later. Best to leave the talking till both are calmer. If talk can’t take place at all, especially when both are at defensive stance, I would say, write an email or a letter. Read it over and over again till you are satisfied with it before sending it or passing it to your partner. Putting your feelings into words make you see things more clearly. If you are wrong, be brave enough to apologize. You have nothing to lose when you take a step back, you’ll gain more. Fight for the relationship and you’ll find that you grow stronger and closer with each misunderstanding.

…when you are upset with your child?
I say, it is good to sit down with him/her, over a cup of hot chocolate or tea, to try to understand him/her. Let him/her speak first. Listen with your ears and heart, not with your mouth (Sshhh…don’t interupt. Let the child speak). Once he/she’s done, it’s your turn to seek understanding from him/her why you feel or react the way you did. If you realize that you have misunderstood him/her, apologize instantly and assure him/her that you will always welcome talks like these. I believe all children can understand or at least, try to understand your points of view. Spend some time to explain calmly and patiently.

…when a friend is sad, hurt or feels helpless?
I say, be there for him/her. If he/she needs to talk, let him/her talk while you listen. Please avoid offering any kind of advice until you are asked. Validate his/her feelings. If he/she doesn’t feel like talking, serve a hot cup of coffee or tea and accompany him/her in silence. Let him/her know that you’re there for him/her. If he/she needs to be alone, allow it. Let him/her know that you’ll be there when he/she is ready for company.

…when you are hurt, sad or feeling helpless?
I say, ask for help when you need it. We are strong people, mentally and physically but sometimes, we do face down times and it is time to lean on another person to help you find your strength back. Turn to someone wise and reliable, like your partner, a friend, you know who. You may also choose to write about your feelings. I always like this because it helps me see things more clearly than trying to sort it out in my already clouded mind.

I hope this helps in some ways….making your life easier to deal with, especially when faced with challenges.

Have a more relaxing weekend ahead!

~Alice N.


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