Let The Garbage Trucks Pass

The first time I heard about “Garbage Truck” tale was from my senior teacher in Sunday class. He shared with us how people around us could be like garbage trucks. They move around full of garbage – frustration, anger, disappointment, anxiety, etc. As their garbage piles up, they will be looking for a place to dump the load. If you let them, they’ll dump it on you.

Yesterday, as I was browsing the shelves of books at the Times Bookstore for something to read, this bright yellow book attracted my attention. When I saw the title, “The Law of the Garbage Truck (David J.Pollay)“, I thought to myself, “Yeah, that must be where the earlier story (the one I mentioned above) came from!” . I’ve added the image of the book here for reference. And, if you like it, and want to own one to read further, I would encourage you to get a copy. It’s a keeper!

It is such an interesting read that I feel I must share with you, some salient points of the book, coupled with my own descriptions to each, through personal experience and observation, if I may…

What I learnt from the 8 commitments of the law :-

#1 Don’t let others dump on you
As I mentioned in other posts before, don’t be burdened unnecessarily by things you can’t control, especially the negative ones. Pay attention on what really matters and which are within your control. Life is short; Choose to spend it wisely.

#2 Don’t dump on yourself
Yes, in life, we have either more or less regrets. Whatever it is, do not brood over the matter. Forgive and move on. Think positively and look at challenges as opportunities to learn and do things differently. Dare to dream…with dreams and right actions, you’ll eventually get to where you want to be. Don’t let ‘sour grapes’ get you down and give up on your dreams. Have more faith in yourself.

#3 Don’t dump on others
This requires lots of patience and practice. We are humans with feelings, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to be kind to ourselves. We cannot stop people from dumping on us, like people cutting queue, people passing nasty comments, lousy service from the waiter at the restaurant, etc. We can choose how we want to react to it. Either we pull our hair out and scream for attention, become vengeful and judgmental, or we could decide to get out of the way and move on. If you can, forgive them.

#4 Help others stop dumping
Make others’ days! Acknowledge the good in people and of course, be sincere about it. Everyone has his/her strengths and weaknesses. When people are in good mood, there won’t be any space for garbage dumping. Spread the happiness around!

#5 – Do honour your NO GARBAGE TRUCKS! Pledge
Do unto others what you want others to do unto you“. If you don’t like being dumped with garbage, don’t do it to others. If people dump it on you, have the bug stop right there. Step over it and walk on.

When we feel grateful for what we possess, we would not complain so much or be jealous about other people’s achievements. When we work hard for what we want, we will feel proud of that achievement. We don’t have to belittle others or say bad things about people to make us better. We can put all our energy to good living and have a more meaningful lives.

#7 – Do live in a NO GARBAGE TRUCKS! Zone
It is alright to let people know where you stand. It is worth being known for someone who doesn’t accept nonsense from others but appreciates good energy.

#8 – Do work in a NO GARBAGE TRUCKS! Zone
You could also make your workplace a better place to work. I’ve come across people who would complain endlessly, just about anything and everything! Why not focus such energy on giving your best to your work, be part of the team in contributing to a healthy working environment, see and use people strengths and give recognition where deserving.

I hope by sharing this with you, you can see more clearly what you could do to make life more meaningful for you. Focus on what you can control and make the best of it. You’ll find that your footsteps are much lighter and you are able to smile more. You’ll win more friends too!

Alice N.

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