You Ain’t Heavy, You’re My Husband.

A couple of days back, we celebrated a special man’s birthday. He is the one I married to, 16 years ago, without many courting days. At that time, it felt just right and I felt save and calm, to give him my heart.

Darling, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! On his birthday, he had to work as usual, though it was a public holiday. I understand him very well. When he needs to work, I’ll let him go with my best wishes. I’d like to think of it as a dose of sunshine a day, just like people take vitamins every morning.

I have, since a long time ago, treat everyday as a birthday. Must be the age factor; when one gets older, one treasures the substance in life more than how it looks on the outside. Each day we spend on earth is a gift of life; each day we get to see and feel the presence of our loved ones, is a celebration, each day when we open our eyes to a brand new day is a birth day.

So, it was okay not to have dear hubby with us the whole day, on his official birthday. That gave us some private time to cook up some surprises for him! Moreover, we still have other days. As long as he is happy….

My wish for my big man is, may all dreams come true and that all his hard labor will come to fruition soon. We have come a long, long way and whatever life serves us, good and not-so-good, we receive with open hearts and mind. There is always a good reason behind everything that crosses our paths. You know, Blessing In Disguise? All we need to do is look at the opposite of the bad. There is always an opportunity to learn or to act differently, don’t you agree?

So my dearest hubby, go out with a clear mind and brave heart, to reap what you have sown. We will be right by your sides, always ready to lend you our weights when you need them. We may be smaller but we are all strong to walk with you to the finishing line. You ain’t heavy, you are my husband and father to our children.

Just remember always that you are so loved and thought of all the time. If we can bring the sun to you, we shall not hesitate to fetch it. Since we can’t do that, we shall pour our “sunshine” to warm you when it’s cold outside; we’ll shower you with cool kisses when it is too hot and hug you like soft, comfy blankets when it is hard out there, so that you can let your tired body rest for a while.


~ Alice N.


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