When there’s a Will….

In life, almost everything is possible. I mentioned ALMOST, referring to things which are within our control. Like the infamous adage observes, “When there is a will, there’s a way“.

Perhaps, it could be due to our upbringing or early conditioning, when we are faced with any new challenge or obstacle or given a new task, the first reaction is often “I Can’t“. We can’t do this, we can’t do that! We don’t pause to think of “What If”, “Instead Of”, “Why Not”, “How About“, etc. There are always options around us but we refuse to seek them out. It is much easier to strike it off and give it up. Then, move on to look for an easier task to tackle.

People around us can give loads of great advice but if we don’t open up our mind and take the first step to act on it, we are as good as an old log lying along the roadside, waiting to rot, day by day. Nothing is gained at all.

My observation comes from watching a person who is whole, meaning with good limbs and body, may be due to fear or other, does not have the will to use them again. All she does is lying down on the bed. Waiting for someone to carry or lift her out of the bed to ease herself, be bathed or to be transferred to the wheelchair to be fed.

I was told that this wonderful individual used to be a “fighter” – who didn’t give up when faced with difficulties, who didn’t complain a single word about life and who cared so much for her family, in fact, more than herself.

It saddens me to watch the scene; where people around her continuously advising her to use her hands and legs, to do little movements to strengthen her “sleeping” muscles but, the advice was met with deadly silence. Is she giving up on her ability to walk again? Has her family also given up as easily and let her be?

That leads me to think, when a child refuses to do something, perhaps due to fear of trying, what would a mother do? Upon seeing his hesitation and sensing his fear, the mother would hold the child’s hand and assure him that mommy is next to him to walk with him and not to be afraid, right?

Now, I wonder….if people around the lovely lady were to take her hand to lead her one step at a time, do you think she would have renewed determination to become stronger for herself and her family? Spending about 15 to 20 minutes a day to massage and do muscle strengthening exercise, e.g. gripping, stretching, pinching, pulling, etc to begin with? From hands to legs then to body. I wonder if it works?

Every night, I offer a silent prayer for this wonderful person to wake up and realize soon, that her life now is not the end yet. She still have many years to enjoy with her family. She can choose to be strong and happy, instead of being sad and helpless.

I think, she is at the weakest point, not only physically but her will to act and think positively. Spending almost the whole day lying down for a long time would make one to be lazy and lose faith in oneself and in life.

Just like a car which cannot start due to weak battery; it needs to jump-start for it to be up and running again. I wonder if someone could and would “jump-start” this individual to lead her to have the will to do something to her change her current situation. I believe if people around her were to combine forces to do that, she may build up her confidence. She may be willing to live more meaningfully. I feel that it is still not too late to inject renewed energy into her, if anyone is willing to.

When she has the will to walk again, I dare trust that she will find the strength within herself to make it work. I shall continue to pray for her hoping that she’ll wake up one fine day to say, “I want to live my live properly and with a purpose!”

Whatever challenges we may face everyday in our lives, break away from the old conditioning of “I Can’t”. When you have the Will, you will find the Way. Sooner or later, success will be yours to enjoy. All of us have great inner strength. Seek it out to jump-start our weakness so that we can move forward to achieving our life goals. Just don’t, ever give up too soon.

~Alice N.


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