Life is Tough

Life is tough indeed! That is the hard truth! You have to be honest to yourself to truly see this truth. Once you accept and understand that Life is Tough, you’ll be surprised to know that it is not so tough after all!

How come, say you? You see, when you accept and understand that life is no bed of roses, your expectation of life changed. You stop living it like it is a fairyland and start to have more realistic expectation.

Life is like cycling, I would say. When you keep cycling, the effort to keep you moving is light and easy. But, once you brake to a stop, you’ll find that more effort is needed to move from that idle position. To keep from falling we must keep cycling. Much like life, don’t you think? Once we stop working on something, be it work, studies, relationship, a skill, making a fortune, anything, we’d fall or down a few notches. To pick ourselves up again, we have no choice but to start afresh or midway, but it will be an uphill journey. Time is lost and some effort too.

We must also accept that we can never please everyone, no matter how hard we try. Decide to do what is RIGHT instead. Since you cannot please everyone, you are bound to displease someone along the way. It is inevitable. Not everyone can see eye to eye with you. There is always someone out there who would go against your decision or action, even when you think it’s the best decision! Before you ignore them totally, if you can, find out the reasons behind their strong objections. It may be utter nonsense but it may also provide an insight to the situation which you might have overlooked? If it is the former, ignore them; if it is the latter, no harm taking note of it.

Temptations and having to make difficult decisions – Temptations are all around us. If you accept the fact that life is like that, you will face temptations mindfully and when it comes to making difficult decisions, you will find ways and means to deal with them. Having to make decision is tough because no one likes to make the wrong one. However, no one knows for sure which is the RIGHT decision. The only way to find out is after the decision is made and you see the end result. If after due consideration and you still make a mistake, be brave enough to admit the mistake. Make amend to make it right again as soon as possible.

Finally, being able to accept and understand that life is tough will give you a different perspective on how to deal with the ups and downs of your life. Let’s just say, it makes life simpler for you to live in when you have the right expectation.

Cheers for a great Sunny Sunday!

~ Alice N.


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