Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mummy Dearest,

Through the years, you have taught me a lot, since very young, to prepare me for adulthood and make me an independent person.

When you discontinued the service of “Ah Yee” (our house-keeper whom we addressed as Aunt) and started to train me to do housework, I thought you wanted to torture me. I resented every single chore that I had to complete. I shed tears each time I had to wash the dishes, cut the vegetables to perfection, learning to cook, do the laundry (those days, all clothes were hand-washed!), ironing (heavy metal charcoal iron) those clothes with you, etc. You also tried teaching me floral arrangements, sewing, knitting and gardening, but failed because this daughter (sigh) just didn’t have any interest! Wish I paid more attention then. Now, I am hopeless in sewing and can’t keep a decent garden!

I couldn’t understand why I needed to learn all those “life-surviving” skills till years later when I went away to further study, then to work. Equipped with all these skills, I actually survived effortlessly. When I got married, I knew from day one how to run my household and also, able to carry out my role as a daughter-in-law, which made my Mom so proud! There were times when I blamed my mom for teaching me too much and too well.

Anyway Mom, without your dedication and patience, I wouldn’t have been who I am today. I shall take it in my stride to teach the same to my daughter too. For I know now, instead of spoiling me by spoon-feeding me, you chose the hard way “by teaching me to fish” instead. I can see clearly now. I guess it takes a Mother to know a Mother. Her intention has always been good. She knew all along that the skills she transferred to me will one day make my life simpler. She is so right – mother knows best!

Thank you, Mom! For teaching me to fish, instead of handing me the fish, for my sake.

Thank you, Mom! For letting me grow at my own pace, under your guidance.

Thank you, Mom! For being there when I need you, at all times. Never once have you turned me down.

Thank you, Mom! For your unconditional love, now and forever.

Mom, you have done very well in bringing us up; you always make the best out of any situation, even with limited resources; providing us a beautiful home to return to. A home which is always warm and welcoming; you make us feel safe and pampered as if we were children again; where we can find love and of course, super delicious home-cooked food. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful mom.

On your Birthday, I wish to you continuous good health, peace in your heart and mind, happiness and love always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUMMY! WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS… ❤

~ Alice N.


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