We Are Different

A friend just asked me a while ago for an advice. He posted some useful tips in social media and received several angry remarks from his friends. These people felt that his tips could create an awareness to consumers and this may in turn make people think twice when faced with such product in the future. My dear friend did not know how to respond to their remarks, without offending anyone.

That brings me back to just two weeks ago, in my Sunday Class, when my students and I discussed the topic of not harming others, human and non-human. It’s about a man lost in the Amazon and his companion, a stray dog. It is a documentary which I watched on TV. Yes, it looked so cruel to sacrifice the dog to give him a chance to survive. A fellow member spoke from the other side of the coin, where the man could get a second chance of life, to return to take care of his family and do more good deeds for people around him. His experience and documentary gave invaluable insights to people to learn from. My senior teacher was of the opinion that he should not take another’s life to get his life back. For him, he’d rather die than to kill another. I appreciate his point of view too.

See, even this one story brings two different points of view. I believe whatever we do or say, there would always be people who disagree and agree with us. Simply because we are all different. We think and do things differently. Even identical twins who look-alike have different thoughts and actions!

So, now back to my answer to my friend. I told him to thank them for their opinion and appreciate the differences. What is most important is that, whatever you do for the client, does your advice or solutions serve the client well? If it does, you’ve done justice to yourself and your client. If it serves the advisor well but not so for the client, then, you have acted selfishly and unprofessional, which is against your Code.

As I blog, I write strictly as I see/feel things. You may agree or disagree with me. Even living on the same land, your life experience would definitely be different from mine and hence, produces different perceptions. We all have different cultures, customs, principles, values, practices, standards and what nots. All we can do is appreciate all these differences, then we shall make this world a happier place to live in.

We have no control over how and what people think. So, let’s not sweat over such small stuff….as long as you know what you are doing, and it’s right in your opinion. We are not out there to compete who gets the most popular votes. There’s no way you could garner all votes because we can never please everyone at the same time. Life is simple, therefore, live it in a simple manner. Don’t complicate it.

I’ve come to a stage whereby I care less of what others think of me. I do things with clear conscience and, whatever feels and looks right for me and people I deal with directly, I’ll stick to my decision. If not, I would just make necessary adjustments and compromise to reach a happy conclusion. What I said or did may or may not be the best advice, but it would be done with great care and consideration; and it is right at that point of time. When you know deep down in your heart and soul that you’ve done right, you won’t sweat the small stuffs. You also have fewer regrets. Agree?

~ Alice N.


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