Teenage Dating

It seems like only yesterday your baby was born then, learning his/her first words and steps. Given the chance, I think, many parents would like to keep their children as young as possible and remain that way (LOL!).

I have heard so much being talked about teenagers and dating. I’m sure these kind of talks have been around all the time. I wasn’t paying attention to them as they didn’t sound relevant to me till I have one under our roof. Then, my ears started to pick up signals of such talks and boy, was I so interested to listen to more of them. We all know – some parents find dating a big NO NO! To some, it is alright, but with a few rules to follow.

Why big NO NO? Many parents feel that their teenagers are too young to fall in love and it may distract and disrupt the children’s studies. I also read of a few possibilities that when teenagers started going steady, they would surely want to spend as much time with their boy/girl friends, having long chats on the phone or Facebook, they may neglect family members and other friends, they may get hurt and don’t know how to deal with it.

For those parents who said it is fine, they understand that children at this age will start to be curious about forming special friendship with the opposite sex. Through these relationships, teenagers learn to respect and care for another person, other than him/herself and family members. They also learn to be more understanding, tolerant, about success and failures, happy and sad moments.

Parents have to learn to let go, but of course, must first set guidelines and let teenagers know the consequences when guidelines are violated. No matter what, teenagers still need their families’ attention, love and guidance. Let them know that you will always be there should they need you for a heart to heart talk.

Teenagers and Dating, at what age do you think is appropriate for them to start going steady? Your say or vote below….

~ Alice N.


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