My Birthday Wishes

As of today, I’ve been blessed with life on this earth for more than half of my life span already. I’m most grateful for every event, good and bad, which marked my path all this while.

I have wonderful parents and brothers, though we live miles apart and seldom meet, I love them very much. I truly enjoy my weekly phone chats with my parents. I would wish to see them and enjoy the company of all my nieces and nephews more often though. Also, my in-laws who welcome me into their family, especially my parents-in-law for their faith in me and the love they showered upon us; and my sisters-in-law for being the sisters I don’t have. I wish you all love and happiness, and most importantly, good health always.

There’s my darling husband, son and daughter. They paint colours to my life, making it exciting, thrilling and beyond words! They taught me, directly and indirectly, what I need to know to be a better daughter to my parents, a wife and a mother. Thinking of them now brings a warm and happy feeling to my heart and smile to my silly face! My wish is to always be there when they need me and that I’d be able to offer my support, love and understanding for as long as I shall live. I would like to continue doing that even in spirit when I’m no longer on this earth. Mmmm…am I allowed to do that?

Then, there are my wonderful friends….who are always there to offer a hand or an ear, without question and judgement. You know who you are….Their friendships are the treasures I hold dearly in a corner of my heart. Some friends have grown to be like uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters to me. May I offer my prayers and wishes for your happiness always.

My wish for myself? I’d like to be around to enjoy the company of all those people I mentioned above. I also wish for patience, strength and wisdom to provide support and guidance to people around me and to help me make the right decisions in my life. When I made a wrong one, to allow me the chance to make things right again.

Being surrounded by so many wonderful people is already a great blessing. Being able to spend another day with loved ones is a blessing. Being able to give and share what I have and know is a blessing. Being able to walk on this path again is a blessing. To continue to do what I am passionate about is a blessing. To be able to receive love and warm thoughts from people around me is a blessing. To be able to forgive and move on is a blessing. I have my blessings and I’m grateful for that. I shall continue to appreciate people’s kindness, good service and good deeds.

To me, Everyday Is A Happy Day. You choose the mood and colour of your day, yes, YOU! I have chosen mine, what about you? While you are at that, remember to share your lovely smile too. You’ll see that strangers will return your smile, the path you walk brightens up and you can feel spring in your steps!!!

Every day is a Gift! Everyday is a Birthday and special days. You are gonna have a great day ahead too! 😉

~ Alice N.


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