Law of Attraction

What do we know about the Law of Attraction? Many people, including me, have read the book entitled “The Secret – Rhonda Byrne“. “The Secret book reveals how you can change every aspect of your life. You can turn any weakness or suffering into strength, power, unlimited abundance, health and joy“.

MONEY is magnetic energy. You are a magnet attracting to you all things, via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings“. Oh yes, I would love to be a money magnet, but what I learnt growing up is to work for it. Only after you’ve accumulated enough, can you use it to create more passive income opportunities. The point is, I must work first to generate income. I tried the money magnet way but it did not attract the dollar notes to me! Instead, I discovered that by thinking positively, I do not give up so easily. If my first attempt on something didn’t quite work out, I would analyse and find alternatives. Another thing to note is that by strongly and solely believing in the Law of Attraction, we might set too high an expectation on something which we have no control over, end up feeling disappointed.

RELATIONSHIPS can be completely transformed, no matter what it’s like right now“. On that score, I would say that if we look at the good side of things or persons, we would see beauty, love and good values. We would in turn be more generous and forgiving. We shall not be selfish, petty or arguing over small issues because we choose to look at the Big Picture through loving and kind eyes. When we are optimistic, we’d be more confident and cheerful. That quality makes us more attractive to our partners. Besides, it also makes our company more pleasurable.

“Concerned about your HEALTH? Explore ways to open yourself up and become a powerful magnet to wellness and health starting from wherever you are now.” This, I trust, talked about Miracles. First thing first, when our bodies are still young and strong, we need to feed them with the right food, exercise and give them timely rests. We must treat our bodies tenderly and with love so that it can carry us through many more years. After all, it is one unique machine we have close to our heart and soul, which makes our lives normal and productive. However, if life must have it, and we end up falling sick, we need to apply the Law of Attraction for Hope. Many dread diseases survivors shared their success stories in books and seminars, saying that, besides medical treatment, what contributed most to their recovery was the power of their minds – mind being the healing power.

By empowering their mind to heal, it gives them high hope and strength to fight to win over the disease. They have this strong urge to live, to see their dreams realized. They are not ready to throw in the towel yet. It is amazing to know that people who were initially given just weeks or months to live, had later been given a clean bill of health miraculously! Many of them are still living to these days!

What I’ve just shared here is purely my personal thoughts and some experimental experience. Different people perceive differently and thus, will have different experience and story to tell. However, if you have great experience from the Law of Attraction, please share them with us. I would love to know more.

To sum it up, positive thinking makes your mind stronger and provides the extra energy you need to make things work out for you. Yes, you Still need to put in effort to make it work. We can’t just chant for what we wish for, laze around, and then expect results. You know…there are times when having an overdose of optimism can be very exhausting. To maintain the UP spirit at all time, can drain energy out of your body. If you ever need a break from it, take it. It is okay to allow a bit of pessimism to sneak in once in a while. It might be your small voice which caution you against something. Pessimism has it’s role here. It does the checks and balances, like an auditor’s job. This is to ensure that we don’t dismiss what is real for what we want to believe to be real (like in a state of denial).

Finally, when you have successfully attracted the Goodness of the Universe, will you be ready to receive it with open arms? Don’t laugh….some people just don’t see it coming and therefore, chased it away! So here, I put it to you to use your best judgement when you are faced with all sorts of challenges in your life journey. Think positive, open up your heart and mind, and cherish every moment of it.

I leave you with these thoughts for the weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

~ Alice N.


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