It’s All in Your Mind.

Recently, I received quite a number of health-related emails from friends. You are what you eat, manage your stress before it’s too late, see the doctor – early detection saves lives, go organic, etc.

There is this ongoing dispute on wealth vs health. People said that if you don’t have money to put food on the table, what health are you talking about?! Hmmmm…..make sense. Another side of people said if you have money, so what, you are so ill that you can’t enjoy even a single cent of it. Hmmmm….also true!

Having said that, am I allowed to choose the middle path? Yes, I recognize that we need money to keep our lives normal, but while doing that, I also watch what I eat as much as I possibly can (I do sometimes indulge in my fave ice-cream, creme brulee, cheese cakes, Goreng Pisang, nyonya kuih, etc); Pay attention to how my body responds to certain food (too spicy food, these days, give me heart burn, esp during late dinner); how my body changes – due to age (can’t lift heavy stuffs due to my tennis elbows, can’t sit/stand for too long or they give me acute back-ache).

When I feel the slightest change to my body, which gives me the nagging feeling, I’d seek out my doctor for advice. I truly believe that when you listen closely to your body, you might feel small changes which is out of norm. It would usually give you tell-tale sign of it’s condition. You may say that I’m over-acting, but I do what is best to be healthy, so that i can take great care of myself and my family. Being sick is not an option especially when you have a young family and when they need you to be there, 24/7. Another important reason why I keep myself well is for that one day, when I no longer need this body, I sure hope that parts of it would be able to save others’ lives.

Most of us, especially when we are so busy tackling our daily work issues, we are quick to dismiss any signs given out by our exhausted body. We don’t give rest to our mind and body. We do not give them peace and calmness for the break which they needed most. Sadly, we continue to abuse our once strong body when we are quite aware of it’s weakening condition. One after another ailments start popping up. When you see these signs, I would urge you to pause for a while and think for a minute (not going to take much time anyway) what you could do NOW to make it better.

Does it need a break to recharge so that you can come back refreshed and with renewed energy to tackle issues more efficiently? Does it have to do with your diet – which you need to make a slight change to gain a big difference? Does it need exercise – make time for it, 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day is good enough if you don’t have much time to spare. When you have the will, you’ll find a way to achieve it. It would not make any difference to have an impressive plan but no action.

It is time to beat the laziness and no-time attitude in your bones and mind. Start on the ACTION – Right Here, Right Now.

Cheers to a healthier YOU!

~ Alice N.


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