We Are Not Born Equal

All humans are not born equal. It is not quite possible to be treated equally. How does one measure equality? Using quantitative or qualitative methods? In the eyes of law, we are supposed to be treated equally, for whatever offence or crime we committed. When we utter the word “fairness”, what does that mean? Equality is different from Fairness.

Take for example, I have RM10 to be given to 4 children of different ages. To be equal, I should give each RM2.50. However, to be fair, I should not distribute the money in equal share, instead I shall provide according to their needs. I would be fair when I give to the eldest more as compared to the youngest because the elder needs to spend more on food than the younger ones. Now, do you know where I’m coming from?

By not being born equal, differences make us special. If all are born equal in this world, we will not be special anymore. We become so common. Take the difference in gender; Men and women’s brains work differently. The way they think differs and therefore they behave differently. Each has abilities in which they excel over the other gender. Physically, men tend to be stronger, but women tend to be more supple.

When differences are present around us, do not be surprised to find misunderstanding, different points of view, a child’s ability to solve a “tough” adult issue, different levels of treatment, etc. As mentioned earlier, no one was born to be equal, so we shouldn’t expect everything to be presented to us in equal manner. We can’t even give away equally! How we treat a certain situation is totally dependent on the level of our understanding of that issue. No one can judge very well on something so subjective. Different people have different perceptions.

We shall be able to come to terms with this inequality when we fully understand our differences and respect what makes us so special from the other. Your weakness may be my strength, vice versa. That doesn’t call for direct stiff competition between us, for no one will win at the end. Can we instead, see it as a good formula for a partnership? Why don’t we take advantage of both our strengths to bring us to greater heights? Take for example, in a school environment; if my weakness is English but my strength is Math, whilst yours is the opposite, we can both form a study group to learn from each other. In a working environment; if I’m good at finance and you are good at marketing, we can complement each other to bring better end results to our company’s bottom line. You know, “Opposite Attracts”.

Life as you know it, is more complicated with all these differences. You may choose to take it negatively and keep complaining to anyone who cares to listen, or look for opportunities in them and seize whatever that comes along. It’ll be great if you could give equally and fairly….if not, don’t beat yourself up because of it. I have not seen anyone ever able to give or treat people equally. Fairly, yup. Equally, nope.

~ Alice N.


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