No Time!

We always complain about the 24 hours we have in a day, are not sufficient for us to complete our tasks. After deducting sleeping, travelling and working hours, we are then left with approximately 3 hours for dinner and personal time, towards the end of the day. With that, some put in extra hours to continue working, could be paperwork from the office or housework! It’s a wonder how we can squeeze in some more.

I always had more time on my hands, when I was single. Do you think, back then, time moved at a slower pace? I spent my time working hard, playing hard and slept for the longest time! Till today, I still believe that life is short. Therefore, I live a day at a time. Each day is greeted with gratitude that I’m still able to enjoy another day on this earth, to do my part in contributing to the society, including my family, of course. Life is how you see it, with your eyes and mind. So, for you bachelors and bachelorettes out there, make full use of your time and enjoy every second of it cuz, it is yours and only yours to use or waste. Choose wisely, for the time past will be lost forever.

When I entered motherhood, time somehow had shrunk! Not only that, the hands of the clock seemed to move faster than ever! Despite the rush, we human beings are flexible lot. We would usually find ways and means to adjust when changes take place. We become jugglers too, juggling a career, studies, being a spouse, being a parent, being a child to our parents, running a business, etc. Always striving to give our best to people around us. It’s not a bad thing, mind you. We grow from working hard, to working smart.

Life is like a rat race. We are always striving to get out of the mass to live our dreams. For some, it just takes a few years but for the rest, it may take many years more. Regardless, if we possess the right mindset and action with persistence, we would surely realise our dreams too. Whilst busy chasing for that goal, we must take a breather once in a while to recharge. We need to touch base with ourselves, family and the nature. Whether it is mere minutes or hours, it counts. You’ll feel great to discover that you are loved and thought of all the time. It makes a huge difference to your effort when you know you have this bunch of supportive big and small people walking along the path with you. That also reminds you that you are not alone. That, my friend, is a super energy booster, especially when you are exhausted or at the edge of giving up.

Another important thing to remember is, choose what you spend your time on. Is it productive or it’s a total waste of time? We don’t have the luxury of unlimited time. Therefore, let’s not worry about things that are beyond our control : like the weather, your final results of an exam, whether tomorrow will be a better day, our health till old age, if your children will bond with you well, etc. When we worry about something which is beyond our control, we are wasting precious time and produce more stress to our mind and body. Asking you and I to not worry at all is like asking us to walk on air. Instead, what we can do is to only worry about things which we have control over. Like the weather, spare an umbrella if you think it’s going to rain; pay attention in class and study well to prepare yourself for the exam; have good habits, eat healthily and exercise correctly, to keep your mind and body in tip top condition; spend some time with the family and give chance for you and children to communicate and understand one another. In short, do the right thing right and the results will come to you. If the result is not as expected, conduct a post-mortem to learn how you can do it better in the next round. Mistakes make us wiser when it is learnt.

If you have too much on your hands, prioritise and learn to delegate to others. Personally attend to what is important and productive. Not all urgent matters are important, so select wisely. If you are not sure, discuss your To Do List with someone who can give you the clarity to make the selection easier. Whatever you decide to do, when you are given a tough cookie to chew, how do you stomach it? By simply taking smaller bites, take time to chew so that you don’t accidentally bite your inner cheek or tongue. Not all things are to be taken in big bites. Life is a destination, rich with experiences and lots to discover along the path.

Finally, review your priorities and your current position. If you need to do some balancing and adjustments to spending your time efficiently, by all means, go ahead and do it. You’ll feel tonnes lighter and happier. No one wishes to carry such huge and heavy baggage on his/her shoulders for this long journey. It slows us down and breaks our backs. By the time we reach our destination, we’re beat. I’m sure many of us would prefer to enjoy our wealth with loved ones, to using that hard-earned wealth to pay for repairing that “broken” body.

So, do yourself a big favour. Start now by treating yourself as well as you would treat a great friend. You deserve to love yourself and some TLCs (tender loving care). When you are happy and optimistic, you can handle almost everything effortlessly. Remember, time waits for no man.

Make time to have a great weekend, the way you want it to be!

~ Alice N.</p


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