Mastering The Financial Planning Profession

Mornings during the weekend has always been beautiful and serene. No traffic jams, no rush hour, don’t you just wish that everyday is as cool as this?

This beautiful Saturday, I’m so blessed to share it with my friends and associates. We are now at a seminar hosted by my firm, on how one can master the financial planning profession, the right way. We’re glad to present opportunities to aspiring financial planners, our one-stop financial solutions platform for them. I always believe that choosing the right partner and being in the right practice is important to any consultant in the long haul.

Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) industry is still at its infancy stage in our country as well as other Asian countries, like Hong Kong and Singapore, to name a couple. I embrace that because it is a sunrise industry! IFA started in the United Kingdom (UK) since February 2001, till today, you can no longer find any tied agents in the country anymore. Agents have since become professional and independent. Other countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, just to name a few, followed suit. In these countries, people rely so much on their Financial Planners, as compared to other professionals, because the Planners can provide a more wholesome service to them financially. Insurance agents, mutual fund consultants, estate planners, some accountants/bankers, etc have moved on to become IFA to provide better service and solutions to their valued clients.

As for me, I had been a tied agent for 10 years for insurance and mutual fund services. I knew very well the limitations of being tied to certain principals. I wanted very badly to do more for my clients and to be more professional. Having that in mind, I did my research and instantly registered for classes to acquire the necessary certification to practice as an independent financial planner.

When I obtained my certification, I went around searching for the right IFA firm and I found one which I am attached to till today. This has been my 3rd year being an IFA professional and I have never looked back. I’m so glad that I am able to put what I learnt into practice. All my clients knew I had been studying all these years and still do, to further improve my knowledge and skills to serve them better. They are happy and so am I.

By being an IFA, it also gives me more time to spend with my clients. We do lunches and have our coffee/tea time. These are the times when I catch up with them, get to know their latest development, sharing my knowledge and casual chats. Being an IFA is my passion and I LOVE doing what I do now!

Our firm is 9 years old this year. We specialise in Independent Conventional and Islamic Financial Planning Advisory Services. We hold licenses on FA, CMSL (FP) and CUTA. We are a team of young and dynamic consultants with strong back-end support, full range of products and multiple platforms, enabling us to provide solutions to our clients’ financial concerns.

If, after reading this, you feel inspired and wish to be part of our team, you know how to get in touch with me. You are most welcome to be part of us to develop this industry we are passionate about.

~ AliceN.


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