Happy Father’s Day <3

Happy Father's Day!

This weekend is Father’s Day weekend. Many children will be planning something for their daddies! Wives will also be busy planning for their husbands, to show appreciation to their partners for being such great daddies to the children. We had simple Father’s Day celebrations with my Father and Father-in-law in advance. So, this weekend will be for my children’s daddy….

Fathers do have great influence to their children. While Mothers usually influence children on the soft skills (EQ) i.e. the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterise relationships with other people, Fathers would complement with hard skills (IQ), which are the occupational requirements of a job and many other activities, inclusive but not limited to decision making and problem solving skills.

Who I am today has got a lot to do with my father’s influence as I grow up. Since young, I followed Father when he made his rounds around the plantation, either in mid mornings or evenings after office hours. When people waved (hello) to him, he would always respond with a wave, a nod and a smile. That’s Father’s signature greeting, till today. Some afternoons, I would tag along with him when he inspected the factory and then to his office. I watched how Father carried out his responsibilities as an Estate Manager. He interacted well with his staff, of all levels. He even played games with them after working hours and his concern for the well-being of his staff was highly admired. Father welcomed those single ones to our home for hot home-cooked meals everyday. He invited Pakcik’s family to watch TV with us, and our fave movie of all time then was P.Ramlee’s movies! There were occasions when the guys would happily fill up our living room during any live telecasts of boxing or badminton matches! It was like a huge happy family, not just us but with others, no race or religion could separate us, with Father as the head of family.

Yes, Father was my hero and will always be. He taught me lots since I was as young as six year old! He was my Life Coach, with whom I learnt to be one myself, to my children today. He is a man who gives his all to his family, then, now and forever. He may not have huge assets to give away to his children, but he had already given us what we truly need to survive in this world – his values, his beliefs, his “code of ethics”. He is always quick to respond to any distress call, his answer has always been “OK, no problem”. He will never ever want to be a bother to anyone, that is how independent he is. I think, in his eyes, I’m still his little girl.

He has been taking care of us all his life, without thinking much for himself. That’s my dad. I hope he’ll allow us to take care of him too, one way or another. It’s time for us to serve him and let him relax, to enjoy life….if he were to read this, he’s going to insist that “He is enjoying his life!”. I believe he is. He still wakes up as early as 5.30am to exercise. He’ll enjoy breakfast and tea with Mom and their group of friends after his morning walk and/or hike. Father is a loyal friend and husband. Till today, he still goes to the market with Mom, for the last 48 years! That’s my beloved father ❤

To all Fathers, Daddies, Ayah, Abah, Papa, Appa,"Lou tau", "Lau pa", any way you are addressed, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOU! YOU ARE TRULY AWESOME!

~ AliceN.


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