Do We Give Up So Easily?

Do we thrown in the towel too soon that after we have cooled down, we regret that move? On anything….life, a job, marriage or relationship, a business deal, an investment, learning a new skill, studying our least favourite subject, keeping to the course we signed up for, etc.

Life is filled with ups and downs. When we are up, we feel like we own the world, almost at the snap of our fingers, isn’t it? To maintain being up, it takes a whole load of hard work, as much work, if not more, as when we’re working our ways up. If you let go of the effort, all that you have achieved would gradually slide through our fingers. Life is like the music box. If we keep winding, we get to listen to the lovely music continuously. Once we stop, the music stops as well.

When you are the best in whatever that you do, you have set the Mark higher for yourself to maintain. That shows you have more potential than you realized! Two thoughts would take place in your mind. The idea of moving ahead, to the next level, tires your mind out; or it gives you a challenge to push yourself a little further to discover your full potential! There’s always two sides to a coin. So is life. Either you choose to look at the brighter side or the gloomier side. The choice is yours.

That, was about being at the top. What about the journey to the top or you are about to start from the foothill? For a relationship, a career, business venture or an investment journey? Patience is not our strongest point. For anything to grow well, it needs time. We need time to grow, learn how to read and write, and we know very well that time and experience make us smarter and closer to achieving our goals. How come we don’t give time for things around us time to grow as well?

Life is full of uncertainties. Uncertainties come with risks. Everything we do has risks. For the course you sign up, what certainty it gives you that you are going to pass and get a high paying job after that? No one can guarantee that, unless you have direct influence to it. Same goes to an investment, it doesn’t take Warren Buffet to make his billions overnight or even in a month or year. Donald Trump made it and fell from it but made it back, over years too.

In the business world, what I learn from people who made it, they told me that it takes one at least 10 years to make it BIG. We talk about decent and legal business set up, with no “big cables” to support, of course. Once you are at the peak, to remain there, you have to be innovative to keep up with the changing trends. Now I understand why the rich tycoons still have to work so hard till the wee hours when they have got “everything” already! The higher one climbs, the higher price one has to pay. Everything comes with sacrifices, or opportunity costs. When we are halfway through, or maybe at the last hurdle to the finishing line, do we give up because our legs want to, or we pull all our strength together from every part of our body to take us through to finish the race?

Patience is a state of mind. If we can rationalise our action, our mind will allow more time. Coming to this kind of decision takes some analysis and conviction. If you once believe in whatever you started, keep believing in it, for it to bear fruits. As I mentioned before, everything takes time. So, don’t give up so easily.

Each time we give up on our dream, it puts us at the starting line again. It’s starting all over again and again. Some of you might say “cut losses” – agreed, IF given due consideration and provided fair and sufficient time already. We can learn from the waves. Before the big wave starts, it has to pull the water back first, right? See, we can learn a lot from the nature!

So, before we give up on a pursuit, evaluate carefully before you pull the plug. If you don’t, you might miss the chance to success. Success in everything you do.

All the best to you!

~ AliceN.


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