Submissive Wives?

These two days, we read in the papers about the emergence of a women group pledging to be obedient wives, treating their husbands as their masters, etc., to everlasting marriage while keeping dear husbands happy men. The news followed with many people tweet and discuss the hot topic in FB! These comments, by the way, are not voices of support and I can understand why.

I fail to comprehend why some women of this century still think this way about themselves : if they are faced with abusive husbands, these women believe that it is their problem and they are the cause of the outrage, though they are not the contributing factor. So, what these women are saying, is that, men are faultless to the core, and can do as they like to their slaves of marriage, i.e. their wives, mothers to their children?

I strongly believe that to be submissive, there is a limit to it. To be superior, there is also a limit to it. No one can play God, except God Himself. Moderation is the word. A good marriage comes from mutual respect and common understanding of each others’ needs, free communication and being aware of and carrying out own responsibilities in this partnership. It’s about carrying the weight together, through thick and thin; it’s also about having a common goal in life and walking hand-in-hand towards that goal. The ingredient to a good marriage and loyal spouse is not singular. The ingredients comprise of so many stuffs, including the ones I mentioned above.

I do fear for these women who are totally submissive to their husbands, claiming all the blames, subjecting not only to verbal but physical abuse, over time, their will lose their pride, self-esteem, maybe also lose sight of their purpose of life! What is going to happen when after all these sacrifices, their husbands still leave them? Remember, women are hyper-emotional species. Their world will be doomed! This is what happened when you focus your world around one person, and that one person is not even you! Then, what’s next? I can only imagine…like I said, moderation is the key. Don’t go to the extreme unless you can truly handle it.

Life, there are boundaries, for better and worse. There are lines you don’t cross for namesakes. Master and Servant relationship has long been eliminated. I still remember when I saw the TV Series “Roots”. Human is to be respected. “You don’t have to love someone in order to respect someone“. That brings me to think that if we can respect people around us, why can’t we respect the ones we love?

Lastly, what I have written above is solely my personal opinion. It does not represent women in general. It’s just how I see it. I believe everyone is subjected to his/her own opinion. In fact, my opinion has no agenda at all (LOL!)

Wishing you a happy Sunday! Life goes on….

~ AliceN.


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