NAC 2011 (3)

Final day of NAC 2011. A powerful start for such a beautiful Sunday, by none other than…(drum roll)…Ron Kaufman! He’s an author of “Uplifting Service!” and 14 other titles.

Slide from Ron Kaufman - "A world where people are educated and inspired to excel in service".

In business, we are always faced with :

¤ competitive necessity

¤ rising expectation

¤ people performance

¤ increasing profit

¤ customer loyalty

How do we build an uplifting service?

(1) Service Leadership from Apple, Wal Mart, Walt Disney; People queue up and return with more people, to have a piece of their products and services.

(2) Service Culture Building Block – 6 levels of steps to higher level of service. Starting from Basic, Expected, Desired, Surprising and Unbelievable! services. Excellent service is a moving target. Great service is an action which create value to your customers.

(3) Actionable Service Education. There is a difference between education vs training. Education teaches one to think creatively to make a good decision whilst training teaches you what to do automatically at a situation, where creative thinking is not required. Ron also advised us to be service role model.

Marcus De Maria then took us through the income earning potentials during all 3 market movements, up, down and sideways. To invest, like doing everything else, we need to be committeddoing the things that you said you’re going to do, long after the feelings in which you said it at that time, are gone. We must take control of our financial future! He said it is alright to work and earn a salary. By working, you will have the income to invest. All one needs is 10 minutes a day, out of your private time.

Try this exercise : on a piece of paper, draw a line down the centre. On the left column, list down “I must be Wealthy because I want…” and on the right column, list down “I must be wealthy because I’m sick and tired of…“. Our action is either Pleasure or Pain motivated.

After lunch break, we were introduced to Ewen Chia‘s internet marketing experience. Ewen is the #1 Affiliate Marketing guru. He started Internet Marketing since 1997, with failures after another for 5 years. In year 2002, he finally broke through and it was only one way he moved on, that is, UP! His strings of failure resulted in a system he discovered, to make it work for him and his students. Who says one has to set up an office, employ staff and stock products to start a business?! In internet, there is limitless potential. All we need is, dare to reach out and grab it.

The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno shared his life experience and lessons before the closing of NAC 2011. Don’t be a slave to your fear. He said, “Fear is powerful… Exercising replaces the fear hormone“. Embrace Fear! Fear leads to Anger, leads to Hate and leads to Suffering.

To have a strong body, we need to have proper and right training, proper rest and proper nutrition. Lou takes his eggs, vegetables and fish. He take vitamins too. Has a good balance of carbohidrate and fat. Every morning he would ask himself, “What can I do today to better myself?“.

His valuable advice was
#1 Do not be a slave to your FEAR
#2 PASSION – stay hungry about everything you do. Get out of denial; do not procrastinate; believe in yourself; take a chance on life; exercise consistently.
#3 DETERMINATION – work twice as hard to get what you want; block negative thoughts; dare to take risk
#4 PERSISTENT – Never, ever quit; get up to do it again.
#5 PERSONAL POWER – recognise your own power; have strong desire to succeed; trust yourself; think positive side of things; nothing is more important in life than having great relationship, kids and friends. Do not be jealous of people’s success.

Lou is a great guy. He lost 85% of his hearing to an ear infection when he was young. He was so determined to live his dreams that he’d do anything to make it, despite his impaired hearing and speech issues. He embraced fear, and achieved success. He did what many would have given up before the starting line. I could feel the power of his energy from where I was seating. He is indeed a superhero!

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The Incredible Hulk


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