NAC 2011 (2)

Saturday morning started with Deborah Torres Patel on stage. We had fun singing with the right expression, under her coaching. She said, “It’s not about the money. It’s about connecting with other people and having relationship with others. Money, is the result of how well we’re doing“. Most importantly, listen to songs which inspire us, those with good messages and values. It’s time to stop listening to the ones which are negative and will uninspire us! Simply because, we are what we feed our mind with.

Kevin Green shared about real estate investment. To calculate yield of your investment, take the annual gross rent divide by the property price and multiply by 100%. If the yield is equal to or more than 2%+mortgage interest, it’s a good yield.

Adam Ginsberg got everyone excited with eBay marketing. We must not ask why people buy, just start selling! There are two choices we have to make, i.e. Make Money or Make Excuses! You see, “Success is the result of Good Judgement; Good Judgement is the result of Experience; Experience is the result of Bad Judgement” so said Adam.

Ron White, the #1 Memory Expert in USA was next. He said that we are the best computer in the world but, not running efficiently. In order to exercise our memory and increase its power, we could do it via Focus, File, Picture, Glue and Review. He took us through and exercise to remember 10 things – many of us did it, effortlessly!!! In short, put pictures to a name/something then apply action to the pictures. This exercise our brains to remember better.

Lastly, Andy Harrington shared on his signature coaching on the Power to Achieve. He made a good point when he asked, “Why do we try so hard to fit in when we’re born to stand out?“. Opportunities occur outside and around us all the time. The first thing our mind does, when opportunity appears, is to delete/distort/generalise it due to our beliefs.

Another session by Andy is about “Leading from the Platform“. All of us are leaders – someone, somewhere is actually following us. In order to make a great presenter or speaker, we must (1) Program for Success (2) Learn how to Present (3) Learn how to Promote – self and business.

When we speak to an audience, we must have voice qualities – be aware of the different tone used – able to take people through an emotional journey and make it memorable. Many people believe that when you ask, you shall receive. I agree totally with Andy that, When you give, you shall Receive.

I truly believe that when you give, you are making space, for you to receive some more, from the universe. If you keep receiving and not giving, there comes a time when it is too full to receive anymore. Then is when one gets stuck where he/she is, not making progress and change with time. Sad, isn’t it?

I hope you get to learn a thing or two from my sharing on NAC2011. Tomorrow will be the last day. Shall write again then.

Before I leave, for all MU fans out there, all the best for your team!!! Glory, Glory, Man United…

~ Alice N.

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2 thoughts on “NAC 2011 (2)

  1. Thanks for sharing! Can you please elaborate in Adam Ginsberg’s quote? He mention “Good Jugement is the result of Experience and Experience is the result of Bad Jugement” Have example? Thanks

    1. He just quoted that, Elaine. If you don’t mind, I’ll share what I understand from his statement. Bad judgement represents the mistake we make as a result of a lousy decision. Loss suffered from this mistake becomes our life experience. From this past experience, when we make corrections, we learn to make better decisions, isn’t it? Thus, the ability to have good judgement, of things or events in our lives, as we grow up.

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