National Achievers Congress 2011 (1)

Today (27th May) is the first day of NAC 2011. All of us braved the rain and heavy traffic in the morning to arrive at seminar venue (Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre).

Adam Ginsberg started by generously giving away his book entitled, “The Legacy Effect“. He said, “We all come to a moment when we ask ourselves – what will others remember of me? What will remain?“.

I would like to expand on, “what will remain?“. That makes me think of the many people around us, who do plan, when they are living, but forget to plan for the family they are going to leave behind, when they pass on. I’m sure everyone wishes to leave some kind of legacy for their loves ones, especially their next generations. The only way to do it is, to plan well for it NOW, while we are still alive and kicking, don’t you think? By doing so, you are able to be in control of your own wealth, even when you are no longer around. This is part of our expertise, Asset Protection and Preservation via Generational Wealth Strategy. Helping our clients to come up with a blueprint to work on, gives them peace of mind. They can free their mind to focus on other important matters like, generating income, growing your wealth and spending time with loved ones.

Next, we received quite a depressing overview on the global economy, from Richard Duncan. He is the Chief Economist to Blackhorse Asset Management, Singapore. Don’t panic, my friend. If we manage our risks well, by diversifying our investments, we can ride the waves of market volatility, with perhaps, lesser/minor casualties. Nothing is guaranteed in life, right? Everything around us has a risk tag (comes with the price tag). I can’t find one thing that is zero risk, can you? Safest savings come with the risk of not generating enough interest to hedge against inflation. This means, your money is not growing as you wish it to be! When I did investment planning for my clients, I help them manage their risks, so that, their plan to reach that financial goal would not be compromised. It is always helpful to have a “financial road map“. You won’t be too far off the path if you ever got lost and you are always aware of where you are now and know exactly where you are heading.

Then, Kerwin Rae appeared to share with us, on the magic of Joint Venture. Brilliant way to work together with other service/product providers. This is an art of leverage.
I always enjoy working with other professionals who can value-add services to my clients. As a professional consultant, I know my area of expertise. But, when there is a need, from a client, for something out of my expertise, I shall refer a reliable professional to him/her. The professional concerned (civil and syariah lawyers, tax consultant, etc) has to be someone I trust and able to deliver great (good is not enough) jobs, before I can admit him/her, as an extension of my service to my clients.

I always believe in continuous learning from other professionals, worldwide. One of it is through seminars. Another belief is, if I can bring home an idea/thought that can change my life, be it personal or business, I’ve gained from it. The 3-day I spent away from my family is way worth it! Each day I return home, I’d share with my husband and children what I learnt, where applicable, of course. I see myself grow with each seminar I attended. It opens up my mind to learn. This exposure makes me think and act differently to achieve positive change and results.

Success Resources has successfully brought this seminar to our doorsteps for the last 19 years! Bravo SR!

For those who are unable to attend NAC this year, you can learn about it, through me here, for 3 consecutive days. I only write on what I learnt, by the way, and not about the entire seminar. My other passion is sharing what I learnt, as you have already known.

Penning off now. May you have a great weekend. Happy Holidays to all school-going children and teachers. Parents – have a good break too from waking up too early 🙂

~ Alice N.

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