About Justin Bieber…

Picture taken from the DVD

My daughter is a great fan of Justin Bieber (as any regular tween would) and this is the 4th time we watch Justin Bieber’s DVD! What I want to say is that, we can learn a lot from this amazing teenager. I admire his determinationNEVER SAY NEVER! His extraordinary story moved me to tears (of joy) and filled my heart with such strong desire to share my thoughts here.

I am not a fan particularly but I am a great fan of  great songs, especially meaningful ones. As I watched, I could see that he knew what he wanted, even at a very young age. His passion for singing shone through. I could feel the strong love and support showered upon him by his family members and the whole team!

In one of  his songs, he sang that he’s going to be somebody one day and nobody is going to stop him. Shouldn’t we adopt this mentality too? Whatever that you aim for, you’ve got to believe in it. Do not let anyone or anything come in between you and your dreams. Always think positive; and believe that you can do it!

It wasn’t easy for Bieber but he kept going forward. He knew how to use the right tools to his advantage, to get noticed. Even though he is so popular and wealthy now, he still continues with his studies. He even studied in his coach, in between concerts! He knows very well that having fame and money without education is a weakness no one wants to keep. Knowledge is a very important asset one can own, which lives and grows in us, forever. Heard of Knowledge is Power? It’s true.

So my friend, let’s learn from Bieber and his family. When we know what we really want in life, we must think, plan and find the right tools to get there. Be it knowledge, methods, whatever…we need to be pro-active. It is alright to fail as long as we learn the lessons. But, do not ever let failures stop you from reaching your goals. Remember, failure makes you stronger each time you overcome it. Do something good for yourself. If we sit and wait, nothing will come to us. We’ll just waste our lives away.

Every parent loves his/her children. I’m sure we all want our children to do well in life. I also believe that, we could help them to get to their dreams by offering some encouragement and guidance; shower them with love and continuously support their ideas as they grow up.  By doing this, we give them the confidence to explore their true potentials and that goes a long way.

Cheers to Justin Bieber!

~ Alice

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