RON95 Fuel Subsidy Flushed?!

As we have read in the papers and heard the news recently, the next review concerning the price of RON95 fuel is in June. Will the Government pull the plug of subsidy?

I wonder, how can the Government lighten the burden of the people and make it as painlessly as possible for us, by reducing the subsidy of RON95?! I seriously can’t see my burden being lightened no matter how hard I try; and it’s definitely going to hurt my pocket. Looks like I will have to tighten my belt as well as that of my children’s, if it takes place (sigh). Let’s keep our hopes high that we don’t have to be in that situation.

By increasing the price of fuel, it will inevitably cause rippling effect on everything – starting from cost of transportation of goods, to fixing prices of goods, and finally higher prices of goods and services, transferred to end users i.e. the consumers – YOU AND I. You can’t increase the price of fuel and then, try to control the retailers from increasing prices. If so, you are asking the retailers to absorb the losses? Nobody, with the right frame of mind, wants to go into any business to make losses?

The Government must understand, household income remains unchanged, every litre of petrol is costing more which results in everything costing more. Having a car in this country, especially in our city, is not a luxury item anymore. It is a basic necessity to take us from point A to point B. Having a car means we have to fill petrol to make it move. When we have to spend more on our travelling expenses, may I ask, what is going to be left of our measly  take-home pay to live on?

When the price of RON97 was increased, it was implied that those who can afford big cars (luxurious car) can also afford to pay higher fuel charges. People who buy big cars are usually people who work hard for the money to at least get to enjoy the comfort and safety of the big car. Are you punishing people who work hard for their money?

Now RON95, if the fuel price is increased, are you telling me that you are now punishing the car owners, big and small? Are we supposed to resort to motorbikes or better still, bicycle now? I can’t imagine our expressways filled with motorbikes and bicycles.

Next argument is, the government mentioned that by reducing the subsidy, they can use the savings, amounting to billions of Ringgit, to build new schools and infrastructure for the people. People, do you really need more schools and roads in the expense of higher petrol costs? Isn’t there a shortage of teachers now? What is the point of having schools but not enough teachers in it?

Roads? Whereabout? The current roads are filled with pot holes almost everywhere. There is always ongoing public complaints reported in the newspapers about it. We paid road-tax but our roads are in bad condition. Hmmm….Yes, there are some patch works carried out in blocks, but soon, you’ll find holes  again and this time they become bigger than before. I wonder why? Would constructing new roads bring convenience to the public or another added burden of maybe, toll charges? I tremble just thinking about it. 

To the Decision Maker or those influencing the Decision Maker, please don’t compare our country with that of non-fuel producing countries. Don’t start to say that these countries’ fuel costs more than ours. Why don’t we compare with those fuel producers? How much are they charging their people for fuel? Are we actually on the higher side or lower?

Please consider all angles before you make the final decision. Think about what you can do to benefit your people at large. Reason being, every little decision you make, has big impact on us. Public service is not lip service and this does not happen only prior to a GE (General Election). Action speaks louder than words. So, please do something to keep that promise you made to the rakyat.

Do you think the price of RON95  should increase – let’s take a vote here :

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