Money Isn’t Everything But…

Everything is Money! Yes? I do agree that Money can’t buy everything, especially true love (love you for who you are, not what you are), everlasting happiness, peace, family, time, good health…

For those who have the “privilege” to experience penniless situation, you will agree that Money plays an important part of our lives simply because everything we need to mobilise our lives involves money. You see, humans are like this. You don’t know what you’re missing until you lost it. If you have been financially comfortable all this while, you’ll laugh all the way till the end of my post. But, for those who had dropped to rock bottom once upon a time, you can relate to this.

Most marriages fall apart because of financial issue; This is not what Alice says but it’s been researched and mentioned many times in the media. Without enough money, we can’t put good food on the table, no holiday trips (hey, balik kampung also needs money – to pay for toll charges and petrol, at the least), we can’t send our children to better school/tutorials/college/uni, we can’t even walk out of our house without paying for something! No one can deny that this is a material world. When money is not enough, couples would be worried and this causes strain to the marriage. This stress of keeping up with the Joneses, brings on dissatisfaction, unhappiness, resentment, affairs…..(I’m not a psychologist, mind you, but I quote what I heard).

I was once a romantic, believe in fairy tales, oh yes! I thought love is everything and money is side dish, one can do with the minimal. That’s the size of your side dish, right? Should there be times when I have to eat plain bread or roti canai or even white plain porridge with pickles, so be it, so long my partner is with me. Love prevails!!! I bet the bread tastes sweeter when one is in love. Oh yes! Life was so uncomplicated then – just the two of us…well, what do you expect, we were love-struck! =D

Then, we expand our family to include a little angel of our own. Now, this is when the complication starts. We can eat bread with plain water but not the little one? Aren’t we supposed to give him the best that we can afford? His presence puts our lives into different perspective. We have to work hard for the money to give him  a better life. Everything he touches and uses, involves money. It is either more expensive or cheap, but it’s money still!!!

The cost of living in the big city is high. Everything is so pricey. If you don’t earn enough, how are you going to support yourself and family? With school going children, you need money for his recess, books, tutorials, self-development activities, uniforms (+ extra-curricular), donations, etc. Hmm….how much is enough then?

So, tell me what is the average monthly household income for a family should be? RM8K, RM10K or RM15K? Mortgage usually takes up a big chunk of the income already. Next, would be the Hire Purchase repayments and costs of maintaining that car(s). A lady friend of mine, who is single, told me that she can’t live within her RM4K monthly salary in this big city. You work hard and you need to reward yourself too, right? Life is too short, you said? Okay…who am I to argue 🙂

While I strongly agree that money is very important, it is not the only thing that matters in our lives.  Yes, we have to work hard to earn that income to give us the lifestyle that we want. We want it so we have to work it.

On the hindsight, while chasing after the $$$, please keep your values and principles in sight. Do not sell you soul to the devil, just to be wealthy. Keep family intact by keep the communication lines open and expressing your love to them; go home to your family and eat as often as you can with them, for you can discover a lot, especially about the kids, at the dining table. Play or spend time with your children as much as you possibly can, as they are growing up fast. If you miss this once, you’ll never get it back. Take care of your health too, along the way. You know yourself best. You know your threshold. If you need to let go, do so. Take that break and come back recharged with new energy to pick up from where you left off. Believe me, you’ll function better this way.

Many people when they reached their financial goals, their health deteriorated. That’s when you realised that, what you have earned thus far, a big part is used to seek treatments, hoping to fix that “broken” body. For those who had lost the function of limbs would tell you that they are more than willing to exchange their fortune for the ability to walk again. To feel the ground under their feet, to walk unaided and run, feeling the wind caressing their cheeks and heart beating faster with each step.

All I want to say is we must have balance. By all means, go chase after that dream. Big dreams are fantastic! That puts you out of mediocrity. It makes you want to be better and fill your live with a sense of purpose. While you keep your eyes set on your financial goals, have your heart and mind set on your anchor. Your family is your anchor. They are the ones who would not give up on you when others already have; they are the ones who believe in your dreams when others can’t see it; they are the ones who tirelessly cheer you on after each pit stop; they give you that sense of purpose. Keep them close to your heart and mind always. When you have finally reached the peak, bring them with you to savor the taste of victory. What is success when you can’t share it with your loved ones?

If you like what I have written here, share with your life partner. I always believe that to be successful in marriage, you must have common objective and be enthusiastic, respectful and supportive of each other’s dreams. If we are not like this, we can learn to be somewhat like this, can we? To plant something, it needs a lot of TLC, why not give the same, if not more, to our precious life partner and our angelic children?

Life is great; Love is even greater; Money, makes the world go round….

~ Alice

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