Happy Teacher’s Day!

To all teachers in the world, who are reading this post, Happy Teacher’s Day! To my teachers at SRK Father Barres Convent, SMK Convent, teachers at BUBS Dhamma School and all teachers/tutors/coaches to my children Cheers to you, for your dedication, patience, love and guidance.

This is my second post dedicated to Teachers (the first being “Dear Teacher“). We all know that being a teacher is more of labour of love than the money. People who choose to teach are usually the ones who are generous in sharing their knowledge, patient enough to deal with all sorts of behaviour/actions and want to make a difference in the lives of young growing children. They deserve to be acknowledged and recognised for their commitment in carrying out such challenging duties.

Teachers, besides being the educator, you are also the ones whom children look up to. You are their role models. Reason being, you are so smart and able to communicate with them more effectively. You also show your love, care and understanding towards them. Of course, there are times when you need to be firm. You stand firm because you want to teach the children that there are limits to freedom. They cannot do as they like (especially when it is wrong) and discipline is to be observed – just like every house has house rules. You also help to prepare them to face the real world. For that, I am grateful that you care.

I know of teachers, who feel so helpless beyond words, when they poured their hearts out, helping their students cope with their studies and discipline, but were condemned by parents instead. I also know of some parents who actually expect teachers to discipline their children as they cannot do so at home! Unbelievable, isn’t it?! (sigh)

I’d like to see teachers and parents as partners in this company called “My Child Pte Ltd“. Each partner has to carry out his/her responsibilities and does it well. It’s like a company with departments like Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and Technical. Parents are heads of Finance and HR whilst teachers are heads of Marketing and Technical. Human capital is the child, of course. Core values should come from parents and, teachers take it from there to brush up the skills involving technicalities (subjects taught in school) and self-presentation (ideas, public speaking, problem solving, etc). 

Well, I’m not surprised if some of you disagree with me. This is my personal view and it does not represent the general public’s. Everybody has different perception on everything and has the right to his/her views.This is how I see it….the positive side of things, focusing only on the good rather than ugly.

Teachers, my toast to you for all you have done for the children today, in shaping them to be leaders of tomorrow. Thank you, Teachers.

~ Alice


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