Awakened Heart, Peaceful Mind



Today, my class (Teen Quest 1) in Dhamma School, finally put together pieces of our creative “artwork”. We built that masterpiece in 3 short meetings. I could see team work here as we put the pieces together, right from the beginning, then up on the exhibition board, at the end! TQ1, am I so very proud of you! I had fun and I hope everyone did too. Bravo!!!

Having said that, I would like to expand this topic further, Awakened Heart, Peaceful Mind. To me, it’s common sense and logic, actually. It’s a general topic on human kind and the way we choose to live, act and think.

Awakened Heart : to my simple understanding, it’s about enlightenment, awareness, inner voice (from the heart), conscience, emotion, knowledge…. you can add on to this list, if you like.

We need to always be aware of our surroundings and people we are with, simply because what’s happening around us would, one way or another affect us, good and bad. By being aware, we’ll come to understand, why things happen the way they do, and that helps us identify the source of the issue and treat it accordingly. In short, be in the present, watch and listen attentively.

Additionally, our conscience tells us what’s right and wrong. Everyone has conscience. If we lose that, we’ll easily get tangled with some bad stuffs. Let’s hope we don’t go to the dark side. Conscience is that tiny inner voice in our heads. I always trust my inner voice – it’s like my guardian angel. It never fails to help me face life’s uncertainties.

Peaceful mind : peace in thoughts and action, maintain healthy mind, be kind to myself and others, ability to forgive, ability to wish people well and mean it, be grateful, love myself and spread it around. Smile! It’s free and contagious… something which we welcome, don’t we?

We must always feed the right “food” to our mind. If you think you are lousy, you are. But, if you think you are good, you are, too! So, feed your mind with boosters like positive, kind, and loving thoughts. Exercise not only maintains a good body physics but a healthy and strong mind. Whatever information you receive through your “antennas”, make sure you sieve it through. I would encourage you to keep what is good and throw away what is damaging.

Only when you are able to forgive, then you’ll be able to close that sad chapter to move on to something new and better. This is important. You can, if you want to. But, if you won’t do that, the anger and sadness would eat into you, inch by inch and cast shadows in your life for as long as you allow it. If you care to note, I didn’t say “forget”. It is easier to forgive but to ask you to forget, it’s a tall order. You have to come to terms with many things and have a huge heart, in order to forget. For now, forgive is good enough to move you forward. I can accept that, and hope that you can too.

When we wish people well, sincerely, we’ll feel happy and walk away with spring in our steps. The receiver will feel happy too. It doesn’t even cost you a dime! I am a true believer of giving compliments and praises, when deserving. If a person did something well and good, why not praise him/her. It didn’t make you a notch worse; it didn’t make him/her becomes more superior than you. In fact, you make his/her day, and have motivated him/her to do better. Isn’t that fabulous?! I like the idea of keeping the chain of goodness going around…

This coming week, let’s say something positive to ourselves and people who cross our paths, regardless who they are. See how it affects them and you. Try it to believe it, my friends. I bet you’re going to like it!

May everyone be well, healthy and happy. Again, TQ1, you’re the BEST!!!

~ Alice

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