Centre of Excellence

Let’s talk about Education and School. In our country, Education is part of basic needs. We need to be educated to gain access to a more quality life. Education is easily obtained here, which many take for granted. For some countries, education is a luxury item, which is beyond most people’s reach. They already have hard time putting food on the table and roof over their heads, that education is seen to be accessible only to wealthy people.

In the world today, being literate and knowledgeable is like having the golden key to many doors of opportunities. The more you learn, the more open your mind is to the world around you. It allows you to see opportunities more clearly to seize them. 

I believe that everyone was born smart and never easily give up at all. When we were babies, since when we gave up after each fall? Never. We would be quick to pull ourselves up to try to walk again and again, right? We would find ways to grab our parents’ attention and to get what we ask for (very persuasive; world-class sales person indeed!). 

Growing up, parents sent us to school (I call it the Centre of Excellence), so that we could obtain formal education. It is where we seek more knowledge, learn new languages and advanced counting methods, understanding how things work around us, discover new skills and making new friends at the same time. If we are focused and study well, we’ll graduate from school to the next level of education. This will eventually present more opportunities for us to a brighter future.

You are putting your fate in your hand if you understand clearly how important education is to deciding the landscape of your future. If you let education slip through your fingers, you are heading for a tough life before you. You see, there is not two-way about this – if you work hard today, you’ll enjoy the fruit of your labour tomorrow. Meaning, if you have good education, coupled with your smart brain, you’ll find doors opening for you, regardless it is a career or business opportunity. Conversely, if you choose to enjoy now (not willing to study), you’ll end up suffering in the future.

So, you make your choice and make it today. Either you choose to work with your brain (work in a nice, decent office) or your muscles (hard labour). You see, the seed you sow today will give you the corresponding fruit tomorrow. If you sow an apple seed, you would not get an orange fruit, right? In other words, if you reject education now, you’ll have lesser options in life than those who embrace education.

Education is like “teaching you to fish“. When you master the art of fishing, you’ll never be starved wherever you go. However, if you are so used to being fed with fish and, when one day, the supply comes to an end, you’ll feel so helpless. Simply because you don’t know what to do. You have never fished all your life! Are you going to beg for fish forever?

So, my dearest children, please make the right choice. Time waits for no one. Every second passed is either a gain or loss to you. Grab the golden opportunity to learn as much as possible. Feed your brain with right stuffs and mix with positive friends who are interested in studying. Do not waste time on worthless thoughts or actions.

Treat everyone well because you don’t know who would cross your path in the future. Who knows, the ones you treated badly today is going to be the one who might influence your future one day. I always believe in the Law of Universe. “What goes around, comes around”. If we think we are strong, there is always a power out there which is stronger than us. Always be a God-fearing individual and you’ll grow up fine.

My prayer for all children in the world is that, they be happy, well and safe always.

~ Alice


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