My Bucket List

Have you got a list of things to accomplish before the end of your lifeline?  A Wish List or if you like, a Bucket List? For some, it’s a taboo (Choy!); But, if you take it positively, it is actually a great way to clarify your life priorities!

Some people would like to see the world (step on the soil of the Seven Wonders?), some would like to leave a legacy, while some would like to give back as much as possible to the society, you name it – it’s your list after all!

What’s my wish list before I die? It goes like this, but not limited to the following…

  1. Academically, I want to obtain my PhD/DBA – you know, which gives you a Dr title to carry in front your name, without a medical practice?
  2. Drive around Malaysia on a 4WD, with my husband, from state to state; making stops to enjoy the mother nature and local food (oh yes!)
  3. Be a university lecturer/professor – on financial planning.
  4. Play the piano like Richard C.
  5. Build and run a 5-Star Old Folks Home complete with facilities + medical assistance (almost two-decades-old answer to a question on what I’d do with a Million Dollar then. Now I guess I have to be a multi-billionairess to do that) – free for the “needy” but high cost to rich children. It’s important to let the seniors enjoy their lives as they grow older.
  6. Enjoy Spring, Autumn & Winter Holidays. (No Summer, coz I have more than enough of hot sun in my life already.)
  7. Watch Chelsea and Man U matches at their home stadiums, with my husband. Can’t wait!
  8. Publish a book – on financial planning for women, young family;
  9. Be one of the most-read and successful blogger – issues on Women, Relationship and Personal Finance; attracting readers of all ages and genders.
  10. To master a few more languages, i.e. French, Thai, Korean & Mandarin.

There are more to it, but I’m not going to list all of them here or we’ll not get to the end of it. Is that good enough to get you into the mood – to get down to your own Wish List or Bucket List?

Once you have achieved any one of them, tick it off and if you come across a new thing which you wish to add to your list, by all means, do it. It’s your list after all. Do what you want with it. Share it with your loved one(s) so that they can motivate you towards your goals. Who knows they might even lend you a hand?

Better pen down your list now before you forget…again. Life is just too short for regrets. Let’s make our lives more meaningful while we are on this earth.  At the end of the journey, let it be a celebration of life instead! I shall leave you to your thoughts…..

~ Alice


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