I Do…

Just attended a wedding reception last evening. Such joyous occasion – a celebration of love between two beautiful people, with promises to care, love and cherish each other, for as long as they shall live. Bliss…

This is the beginning of a new journey or some may call it an adventure. It’s no longer Me or You, but Us. Can I say that living as a couple is like the see-saw. One’s action will affect the other. If one pushes too hard, the other will be pushed down. In order to maintain balance, the right amount of push and release have to be established. It has to be a combined effort, to keep to that position.

My 3 easy-to-follow basic advice to newly weds :-

1. Whatever you did while courting, try and do your best to maintain, if not do better. Don’t slack, just because this person is now “legally” yours. E.g. Simple stuff like, you look and smell good before – maintain that, if not better. It matters a lot, seriously! Put in a little effort to look and feel good. Don’t have to try too hard though – I always go by “let’s age gracefully”. No one can carry off Lady Gaga style like herself.

2. Mix around with friends who are positive about marriage. You need this boost when things get a bit challenging. You don’t want people around you to overdose you with pessimism, and make you sink into the quicksand. Living together is growing together; change is inevitable. Embrace it together.

3. When there is an argument or misunderstanding, do not run back to mom and dad. First, they would be most worried and helpless; second, they’ll always take your side and may be biased in offering advice; third, they don’t know the real issue to comment or offer the right advice. Lastly, your location (@ parents’) makes it more difficult for your partner to run after you, to make amend. Go away for a while, to cool down and think clearly. Then, return home to talk it out as calmly as possible. Once the issue is resolved, you don’t only make up but you’ll grow stronger and closer.

Enough said for newly weds. Don’t mean to scare you guys, especially on such beautiful occasion. Now, go ahead to celebrate your love and enjoy your new live together.

Wishing you happiness always.

Alice 😉

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