The Big C

Stop Press : Do you know that there is 1 in 6 females being diagnosed with cancer; 5 cases every hour? (Source: Sin Chiew Jit Poh, 29 May 2009) and 39 out of 100,000 will have breast cancer – critical stage! (Source: The Star,  5 May 2009) and still counting…

Breast cancer is a common disease amongst ladies these days. It is not necessarily hereditary. I personally lost a wonderful friend to breast cancer  a year ago. May she rest in peace. She was a bubbly young lady and always has positive outlook in life. She was always smiling when you were with her, even through the times when she was treating her cancer! I admire her courage and spirit. I have never encountered anyone who smiles so easily like her, whether she’s talking or mere listening to you. She was someone I met 11 years ago, when we quickly became friends as if we had known each other for a long time. She is dearly missed, but I’d like to believe that she is now in a wonderful place where she is well and happy.

You know, it is so confusing when it comes to preventive screening. It’s been in the media all the times, advising ladies to do their health screening annually, like adding cancer markers to your blood test, pap smear and to have mammogram done when you are 40 and above (or earlier, if there is medical history).

Once, I read in the papers, a few years back, about a doctor saying that cancer markers can’t really tell until you’ve got it and the results show a surge of abnormal reading. So, does that mean you’ve got to have an active Big C, in order to detect it? The next question, is detecting the Cancer a good thing? Some said yes but some said no.

Early detection allows you to seek treatment as soon as possible and that supposedly give you higher chance of survivorship. Conversely, some friends share their thoughts with me : why must we find out? – usually people’s health would deteriorate sharply after finding out that they have cancer.  Before that, they had no symptoms and living happily. After getting that fateful result through a biopsy, they became gloomy, depressed, losing will to live, and some became nasty towards family members….Might as well not to seek “trouble” and to live life till the end? Sometimes, what you don’t know, won’t hurt. Everyone has his/her own right to make life’s decision. It’s entirely up to you.

Regardless, for me, I would still do whatever screenings my doctors advised me to. Well, we must be able to trust our doctors, to a certain degree, for them to help us. I’ll cross the bridge when I reach it. I want to be there for my family for as long as I am allowed to. For now, I’ll just take good care of myself and try to live my life with fewer regrets. If I tell you I have no regrets at all, I’ll be fooling myself and you (LOL!). Yes, I have some regrets but nothing so major that I can’t come to terms with them. I live by the rule “If something is beyond your control, don’t waste your energy to change it or go against it; Act on something which you have control over – i.e. yourself, your action, your behaviour, your habits, etc.” I think people who are happier, live a fuller life. I want to live that way and hope my happiness and good energy would then flow into the lives of my loved ones and people around me.

There are some things in life, which we can’t have control over -one of them is diseases, especially when it is hereditary. I was told that not all in the family will be carriers. Therefore, we could try to prolong the period of good health, perhaps by treating our body and mind well. We can start by putting as many good stuffs as possibly can into them. You choose whether you want to stuff  yourself with – healthy food vs junk food, alcohol vs water/juice, smoke vs exercise to make your body works better,  angry and sad thoughts vs happy thoughts, the list goes on…We not only want our body to be strong, we must be mentally calm and strong too. It’s always about the Positive vs Negative. And, Stress is number one cause (amongst others) to many diseases.

Before I leave, I shall put up a poll (below), for you to vote for Cancer Marker and Mammogram screening. Let me hear from you…

~ Alice


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